Apex Legends Brings Mobile Respawn Beacons to All Game Modes

In a new update to the game, Apex Legend's mobile respawn beacons, previously only accessible in the Armed and Dangerous event, are being incorporated into all game modes.

By Kiemour, Posted 09 Jul 2020

Apex Legends has been undergoing some massive changes recently, including adding a new takeover area on their King's Canyon map, known as Crypto's Map Room. In addition to this, their last update introduced a new temporary game mode to players, dubbed "Armed and Dangerous." In this mode, players would only have access to shotguns and sniper rifles, and dropped with a unique device, the mobile respawn beacon. Although this game mode has been since removed from the mode selection, its unique respawn beacon is here to stay, according to a new update.

In order to revive fallen allies, players usually had to scour the map for a stationary respawn beacon, which had the possibility of being exhausted by other teams. With the new mobile beacon, players can call down a respawn beacon anywhere on the map, and revive their teammates that way. However, the beacon does take a while to deploy and arrive, meaning enemies can close in on the players location, prompting gamers to find a safe area before summoning the beacon. 


Due to the device's popularity amongst users, Respawn Entertainment has now announced via Twitter that the Mobile Beacons will be available throughout all game modes. However, there is a slight change, as players will have to loot the device in buildings or supply bins, rather than spawning with one in their inventory as they did in "Armed and Dangerous." 

Apex Legends was one of the first battle-royals games to feature in-game respawn options, and it seems that with every patch, they are trying to push the mechanic further. With the last update, Lifeline players were given the opportunity to have their drone pick up downed teammates, giving them time to fight off an incoming squad. 

Despite these changes, the game's respawn mechanic is not always taken seriously; players in the higher skill tiers are often more interested in racking up kills than keeping their teammates alive. With the addition of the mobile respawn beacons, the option of bringing teammates back into the game is a bit simpler, so hopefully, these kill-seeking gamers can revive their teammates in a safe location, rather than running across the map to find a specific beacon. 

Respawn Entertainment also announced some bug fixes to their newest champion Loba, which also should improve gameplay for all players. Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale, available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and will come to Nintendo Switch in Fall 2020.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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