Xbox Series X S Model Leaked Through New Controller Model Boxes

Xbox Series X may get a S model

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Aug 2020

For some time a rumored Xbox Series X S model has been making its way across the internet. For now, Microsoft has not confirmed anything about this model but someone got their hands on a new Xbox Series X controller that says the model is real.

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Another Xbox Series X | S controller has been found in the wild. Both this controller and the one in the Verge article are located in Chicago. If you are in the Chicago area, check your local classifieds, OfferUp, see if you can find more. Source:

— r/SeriesXbox Reddit (@RSeriesxbox) August 10, 2020

The box art features all the Xbox consoles and platforms the controller supports. This includes Xbox One, iOS, Android, PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series X S. The S model is supposedly a less powerful version or a digital-only version of the system for a cheaper price.

With the Xbox Series X's rumored release of November 2020 but still locked in at holiday 2020 the release window is getting closer. If this model is indeed real then Microsoft will likely reveal it soon. Perhaps with the core system's price and release date.

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