Apex Legends Fans Spot Potential New Weapon as Season 6 Nears Release

In new in-game screenshots of Season 6, some players have noticed an unannounced new weapon, leaving the community intrigued.

By Kiemour, Posted 10 Aug 2020

As Season 6 of Respawn Entertainment's battle royale Apex Legends is fast approaching, fans are on the edges of their seats. In a recent Tweet, the game revealed their next hero as Rampart, who wields a minigun need Sheila. Additionally, the team also announced the addition of a fan-favorite gun from the Titanfall games, the Volt SMG. Although no gameplay has been shown for the gun or the new hero, fans are expecting good things to come of Season 6. However, thanks to some eagle-eyed players, the news for Apex's next season doesn't end there.

The developers responsible for Apex Legends has taught its community to not believe everything that they see, and that not everything is as obvious as it may appear. For example, players have been completing a quest system that allowed them to build Ash, a villain from Titanfall 2's campaign. Because of this, many fans began speculating that she would be the next legend introduced to the game, and she would bring a new map titled Olympus. However, Respawn's Tweet and trailer for Season 6 fails to mention either one.

Although speculation can easily be disproven, some more concrete evidence can be found through in-game screenshots. One artist for the game, Austin Arnett, shared the images of some new art that he had done for Crypto's Map Room. In one of these photos, a compound bow can be clearly seen on the ground. This seems to line up with a datamine from June, where Twitter user @shrugtal revealed a new arrow-based ammo type, thought to be revealed in an upcoming Limited Time Mode (LTM). However, this did not come to pass, leaving the speculation behind.

Compound Bow, Twitter, Apex Legends

With this new screenshot depicting a compound bow, many fans have begun to reignite their hopes for the possibility of this new weapon. Although Respawn has not always followed through on their datamined reveals, Shrugtal has been particularly accurate, as they were the first to announce the game's Steam exclusive cosmetics.

Apex Legends would not be the first multiplayer shooter to introduce a bow to their game, Destiny 2 beat them to that front. However, Respawn has been known to put their own unique spin on things, as with their addition of mobile respawn beacons. Although these were originally added for an LTM, their popularity caused them to be integrated into traditional games as well. Therefore, if this compound bow image is from a Season 6 LTM, it may have a similar effect. 

Although much is still unknown about Season 6 of Apex Legends, the game's current season is set to end in less than a week. Based on past seasons, the game will likely begin the next almost immediately after Season 5 ends, so players will not have long to wait. Either way, users might want to start working on their aim. Even if a bow is not coming to Apex, Rampart definitely is, and her minigun will undoubtedly require some intense aim.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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