Sony Publishes New Patent, Hints To A Quieter Cooling System for PlayStation 5

A recent patent from Sony will reportedly cut down on fan noise when cooling the system, which was and is a big issue for PS4 owners.

By Kiemour, Posted 16 Aug 2020



As the PlayStation 5 release date of Holiday 2020 draws closer, players are diving as deep as they can to extract new information about the upcoming console. In the past few months, fans have unearthed many interesting patents concerning the PlayStation 5, but these were focused on an increased performance or use of multiple GPUs. This newest patent reveals that Sony is finally addressing a popular issue from PS4 users: the cooling system.

The PlayStation 4 uses multiple fans to cool down its systems, which can get loud when the blades are not properly cleaned or when the game is putting too much pressure on the system. Many players have complained that this noise interrupts an immersive gameplay, and some can even hear the console's fans over party chats. However, the PlayStation 5 may have a solution to all that noise.

The new PlayStation 5 patent shows that the next-generation console will not rely on fans, but rather liquid metal. This will replace the grease that is usually between the semiconductor chip and the system's radiator. The patent claims that the metal will lower the thermal resistance between these two components, improving the performance of the semiconductor chip.

PlayStation 5, cooling patent

Some fans are skeptical about the console including liquified metal, worried that it might leak out through device production. However, Sony has thought of a solution to this. The metal will be sealed within the console by "ultraviolet cured resin," so that it will not leak into other parts of the console. Additionally, the metal only becomes liquid when the device is on.

The running of the PlayStation 5 will heat the metal to a liquified state, thus beginning the cooling process. There will still be fans included on the PlayStation 5 to regulate airflow and cool the system, but the liquified metal will absorb the system's heat and significantly reduce the fan speed and noise.

This patent is so unique that Xbox Boss Phil Spencer approved of the cooling system solution that Sony introduced, though he may have been referring to the console's physical design, rather than its interior workings. Either way, this new cooling system will likely keep players immersed by not providing extra noise, as well as the system's beautiful promised graphics. When the PlayStation 5 launches in Holiday 2020, it will be something players won't want to miss.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed


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