Tech Wizard Creates Handheld Wii Shaped Like Gameboy Color

User GingerofMods holds a special place in their heart for the Wii, and has created their own unique take on the console.

By Kiemour, Posted 28 Aug 2020



The Nintendo Wii may be discontinued, but it still is an important console for many gamers. With its "fun for all ages" controls and games, this was many players' first console, and therefore introduction, into the gaming world. Although its games were not always up to par with competitors Sony and Microsoft, the Wii nevertheless made a name for itself as a family console. 

Nintendo used the Wii's differences to its advantage, focusing on inclusivity and movement in their games to create a new field of gameplay. Even though the Wii and Wii U were succeeded by the Switch, they certainly had their years of fame and popularity. 

The Nintendo Wii, with its unique gaming direction, has captured the eyes of many, and some players aren't ready to let go of the console, even in 2020. Recently, it was revealed that one GingerOfMods created a small, handheld Wii console, which was the size of a Gameboy Color.

Wiiboy Color

GingerOfMods is an experienced console creator and modder, as they have encountered many speed bumps when trying to minimize other consoles. Using parts of a Nintendo DS Lite, a Nintendo Switch, and the trimmed hardware of the Wii, GingerOfMods finally created the first working Wiiboy Color. 

The in-game controls are mapped to a Gamecube controller to help with the built-in buttons on the Wiiboy, though there is an option for users to play with the original Wiimote if so desired. Many of the Wii's best titles can be played on this device, with surprising quality. 

The games are tucked into a USB within the casing of the Wiiboy, allowing players to load games by simply plugging the device into a PC. GingerOfMods has made the Wiiboy available for  purchase, though they are expensive due to being handmade and having specific parts. 

Players with the money to spend and a soft spot for the Nintendo Wii, the first console for many, should definitely begin to debate which Wii games they want to take on the go.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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