EA Deciding Anthem's Fate This Week

Report indicates whether Anthem will live or die

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Feb 2021

Anthem was one of the best selling and underwhelming games of the last generation. Released by BioWare the action-adventure looter shooter was marred with major development issues detailed in Jason Schreier's investigation. Causing mental breakdowns and featuring false information in the promotion material leading up to the game's release. Since then BioWare canceled the roadmap and started work on Anthem Next or Anthem 2.0 to revive the game but according to Jason Schreier Anthem's fate will be decided this week.


According to the report, EA will meet with BioWare to look at the latest version and decide whether to continue funding it.

This week, EA executives will review the latest version of Anthem Next and decide whether to expand the team or abandon the project, said the people, who asked not to be named discussing private information. The Anthem Next team includes about 30 people, BioWare said last year. People familiar with the project said it will need to expand to at least triple that in order to produce new content and continue attempting to overhaul the game. EA has not yet indicated whether it’s willing to commit that kind of budget to revive a maligned game.

A major revival is not unheard of in the gaming industry. Star Wars Battlefront 2, Final Fantasy XIV, and No Man's Sky are prime examples of games that launched terribly but went on to become huge successes. However, EA has a notorious history of shutting down studios and BioWare has a lot of other projects in the works. They are currently working on a new Mass Effect, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and a new Dragon Age.

Anthem is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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