New Video Highlights that Resident Evil Village on PC Runs Better Without DRM

DRM for Resident Evil Village hinders the game's performance

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Jul 2021

DMR is something PC gamers hate to hear and with good reason. Often restricting access to games through heavy security causes frustration among users and today something interesting was discovered. Digital Foundry decided to test a cracked version of Resident Evil Village with a DRM version and they found the cracked version performed way better.

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The video provides a comparison between the DRM and cracked version, showing that the frame rate drops during moments. Showing the console version does not dip but on the PC it does but only on the DRM version of the game.

According to Rich Leadbetter, those who cracked the game found this issue was caused by Denuvo along with Capcom's own anti-piracy. This causes a dip in the frame rate such as when firing your weapon. Leadbetter does acknowledge that this is the word of those who cracked the game but also that if they're not telling the truth they've optimized the game better than Capcom.

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