Build a New Life and a New Community in Common'hood

“We don’t call ourselves homeless. This is our home. People come and go, we’re like a family.” - Common’hood

By Rayan, Posted 26 Apr 2022

Plethora Project, the developer of the forthcoming resource management game Common'hood, takes that notion to heart. With the introduction of Common'hood in Q4 of 2022, gamers will be able to assist an underprivileged group of people in creating a flourishing community via various activities.

Common'hood, Plethora Project, Steam, Game, Community Building, Simulation Game

When playing Common'hood, players assume the role of a young lady who has recently lost her father and her house because she couldn't pay her expenses. So, she checks out the old factory her family used to own and finds a little town already established. Many folks who have found refuge there are exactly like her: they've had a hard time getting by and are looking for a place to feel accepted. Players, along with the rest of the inhabitants, will contribute to the community's growth to promote optimism and change in the factory.

As the game develops, players will be able to automate food growth, design and create structures, engage with other community members, and more. The shelter may be molded and reshaped according to the community's demands. Connect with the people and see how their opinions change for the better.

Players can invite four friends and construct a new, vibrant neighborhood. The sandbox environment of Common'hood will be expanded to include a co-op mode when it launches later this year. They can build amazing things with your friends and share them with the rest of the world over the internet. Single-player games will be allowed to utilize content created by players.

Common'hood, Plethora Project, Steam, Game, Community Building, Simulation Game

In Common'hood, players take good care of newcomers, make friends with them, and make them feel like they belong in the community. They plant various crops to provide self-sustaining food supplies, and you'll have access to a broader range of cooking methods. Detailed construction tools give gamers complete control over their own manufacturing facility, craft shelters, workshops, and high-tech industrial facilities.

The demo for Common'hood is presently accessible on the Steam. Members of the community can join the Discord to communicate with one other and provide direct input to the team members.

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