Rogue Company Revealed Juke as the Upcoming Character

Juke, a top scientist, has been revealed as an upcoming character.

By SnowWhite, Posted 25 May 2022

In a cinematic trailer, Rogue Company introduces their newest member, Juke. It's expected that she will be added to the game's roster of playable Rogue characters in June. The specifics will be revealed on the Update Show, which airs tomorrow.

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The story's beginnings were told to players in Rogue Company's first narrative event, which took place two weeks ago and was called Juke's Gambit. Juke is the brains behind creating the world's first fully sentient AI since she was formerly the CEO of tech giant Furmi.62. After learning that Jackal, the Rogues' archrivals, may have stolen her life's work, she gathers the Rogue Company to find out what happened.

Juke's rocket boots will be her identifying feature out in the field. They enable her to transition from a dodge roll into a dash when she is on the ground and while she is in the air, which propels her ahead in the blink of an eye. Defender Juke is now the most mobile Defender ever. She has the option of deploying a laser defense drone, which stands watch and fires at opponents until they are eliminated.

May 26, 3:00 p.m. The Update Show on YouTube will be the place to find out more about Juke. By playing Rogue Company on June 7, everyone will be able to get access to Juke.

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