Overwatch 2 Players Beware as Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex Ability Has Some Unexpected Side Effects

Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex ability seems to be going haywire, as seen in a new clip online.

By DShelley, Posted 23 Jun 2023

Ramattra has certainly risen in popularity since their inclusion in Overwatch 2 on 6 December 2022. However, despite the character's increasing popularity, it would seem that something unexpected is happening to their one ability. Recently many players have begun to notice that the tank's one ability, Ravenous Vortex, is prone to a rather unusual bug, which causes the vortex to just randomly despawn.

The issues with Ramattra's Ravenous Vortex ability is just one of the many bugs and glitches that have been plaguing the game, something that Overwatch 2 has become somewhat infamous for. It doesn't help that on top of all the bugs that are already present in the game, it would seem that somehow even more bugs have been added to the game after the release of its latest season.

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As mentioned earlier, Ramattra was added to the game during Season 2, and was also the latest tank to be added to the hero-based shooter's ever-growing roster. As for Ramattra's backstory, they are the leader of the Omnic liberation group known as Null Sector. Ramattra abilities mainly focus of both offensive and defensive skills and attacks, they are also capable of switching between both his Omnic and Nemesis forms. This allows Ramattra to effortlessly switch between play styles and allows him to advance against an enemy team.

One of Ramattra's signature abilities is Ravenous Vortex, this ability manifests in the form of a thrown projectile to be able to slow and ground a group of enemy targets that are caught in the vortex's radius. As impressive as this sounds, there are many other abilities that are similar to Ravenous Vortex. Despite this, all throwable abilities suffer from the same glitch, Ravenous Vortex being no exception.

In a video that was first shared on Reddit by user ‘heliotaxis’, the clip shows the aforementioned glitch in action. Ramattra throws the Ravenous Vortex orb but it then hits a doorway, which causes it to then rapidly bounce around before the orb just disappears altogether. This is just one of the many examples of the glitch in action and the issue has been known about for quite some time. Since the game's launch, many players have noted that projectiles tend to get stuck on the many crevices dotted throughout the game's maps.

If this issue will ever get resolved, we will have to wait and see as most of Blizzard's focus will be on Season 5 of the game, which besides adding more bugs, has also added a few improvements to the game, such as resolving glitches that would frequently interrupt game matches. Aside from bug fixes, players will also have a chance to claim a free Legendary skin, but only for a limited time.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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