Bethesda Has Revealed All the Possible Romances Available In Starfield.

Bethesda Has Revealed All the Possible Romances Available In Starfield. Director Todd Howard has recently revealed the exact number of romances that will be available in Bethesda's upcoming space-faring RPG, Starfield.

By DShelley, Posted 23 Jun 2023

With every day that passes we learn more and more about Bethesda's upcoming space-faring Sci-Fi RPG, Starfield. The latest bit of information comes from a recent interview in which the game's director, Todd Howard, shared many details about the game. One of these details included the four main Constellation Companions, which are the only ones to support personal, full-length storylines and romance in Starfield.

Todd would then go into more detail about these relationships and confirms that the choices that players will make will have an impact on the relationship they form with the aforementioned Constellation Companions. For example, depending on your choices, they can get mad at the players, though it is unclear if they would also leave you. However, it would seem that if players don't like any of these companions, they can simply leave and abandon them on unused ships, outposts, and various other locations.

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It was also somewhat confirmed that players can easily make all four of their companions robots, which was confirmed with the Starfield companion, Vasco. As impressive as this sounds, sadly, Todd Howard didn't go into much detail but from what we can gather, it would seem that players will be able to form relationships with many characters but only four of them are romanceable.

During the interview for the Kinda Funny Xcast, host of the show, SnowBikeMike asked a community-oriented question regarding Starfield and how it would approach the topic of romance in-game. Howard's response was pretty plain and simple: "The four main Constellation ones are the ones that support full questlines for them and romance." This has disappointed many fans, who were hoping to have a wide array of possible romance partners, similar to how it was handled prior in games such as Skyrim.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Starfield and the game's various groups and factions, the Constellation faction is the primary faction that is tied heavily to the game's main storyline. The faction consists of many brave intergalactic explorers that have made a pledge to unlock all the mysteries of the galaxy and answer the question of what waits for us beyond the stars. They are also one of the last factions that remain and that's why the player gets tied to them.

Despite how few romance options there are in Starfield, it is still good to know that at least we will be getting some. We still have a lot to learn about romance and how it will be handled in game as it is unclear if these characters will have any particular sexualities. It is likely that Starfield will follow a similar route to how romances were handled in prior games such as Fallout 4 and Skyrim.

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