Starfield Might Not Include Discs on All of Its Physical Releases

Slowly drifting into the future where discs are unnecessary, and with Starfield, the future starts now.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 27 Jun 2023

People are very much hyped about Starfield nowadays. The latest Xbox Game Showcase which included Starfield was a success, and everyone is waiting for further information to be dropped by Bethesda in the next announcement. Though it wasn’t an announcement, a slip by the Bethesda support on Twitter picked up the interest of people recently.

Before diving into what was slipped and got deleted later on, we have to remember the collector’s edition releases without actual games in them. That’s right, a few years ago, some games did not even include the game itself with the collector’s editions, making people actually buy the same product twice for no reason. The examples that followed this trend were Diablo IV, Red Dead Redemption 2, and other major titles that were highly anticipated by fans. What Bethesda has revealed is, not about the game not being included, it is the complete lack of physical discs involved with any of the releases of the upcoming Starfield.

This information was revealed when someone asked about whether the standard edition of Starfield on Xbox Series X included a disc and received a reply with “All physical editions include a code for the chosen platform. There are no physical discs.” Now this would have been fine if an indie developer pulled the same move in order to reduce costs. However, this is Bethesda we are talking about and they will be charging the full price tag of around 70 dollars for the standard edition.

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Oddly enough, the hiccup of the Bethesda support’s reply was deleted after some time. We are not exactly sure why, maybe to cover their upcoming plans, who knows? What we exactly know is how detrimental it would be if Bethesda were to choose the no-disc option on all releases. Because despite being a game running with a familiar, flexible engine, Starfield is going to require players to have 125GB of space in their SSD's, and players will have to resort to doing nothing but downloading the game.

If this ends up being the plan for Bethesda for Starfield’s release, it is going to cause more harm than good for their both reputation and reliability. Although the deletion of the tweet does give hope of matters changing, it is highly likely that Bethesda is keeping it a secret before dropping it as a harsh truth on the date when Starfield gets released.

Starfield will be released on the 6th of September this year for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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