Witchfire Is A Far More Ambitious FPS Than We Predicted

Roguelikes emerged from the desire to master the game's mechanics for the sake of mastery itself.

By Rayan, Posted 26 Jul 2023

Witchfire is an upcoming FPS by The Astronauts, and despite being announced over six years ago, the upcoming release of Witchfire has received surprisingly little attention from gamers around the world. This is surprising, given that the game is rumored to be incredibly ambitious but is being disregarded in every aspect. Just a few minutes ago, we assumed the game was merely a light shooter in which you level up your weapons and eliminate foes in the open world by using various methods, but we soon learned that this wasn't the case at all. But no, it's not at all; The Astronauts have been at it, heart and soul, for years.

Witchfire may seem like a story-based game with persistent adversaries or a roguelike first-person shooter with randomly generated combat. But in reality, it's something far greater, complete with open-world biomes, a story to unearth, and a wide variety of adversaries and bosses to face off against. The game reveals the team's decision to pivot Witchfire away from an arena approach and toward open-world fighting and exploration. Although Witchfire is not a fully open-world game, it now features what the developer refers to as open-world levels, making it a far more ambitious and much-anticipated release.

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The player will have complete freedom over the pace and direction of their investigation of any given region. It has been argued that this change not only improved the game but transformed it into an entirely new and superior experience, providing players with a greater sense of freedom and agency and making new paths to mastery available. Even though their choice pushed back the game's release by a year or so, they are very pleased with the results. They were able to incorporate a completely new tale and true lore, complete with landscapes and stunning sceneries that mirror the story and provide secrets and more.

At its core, Witchfire is now a bleak alternative universe in which witches are real and nasty, but so might the religion combating them. The hero undergoes a supernatural transformation in the Vatican's bowels, yet the church refers to him as a prayer. This hero is a powerful fighter who depends on the corrupting mistake fuel known as Witchfire. The fifth element is the one that allows magic to exist. The game was described as a "roguelite for gamers who hate roguelite," meaning that many players didn't like losing all their progress after death with the genre.

This is a pretty good motivation to go out and hunt witches, getting all of their witches to fire their unique abilities to keep themselves alive. Roguelikes emerged from the desire to master the game's mechanics for the sake of mastery itself. However, in this game, you will be paid handsomely for precisely controlling your character. They hope to provide options other than continual firing by using their imagination. They put forth an extraordinary amount of effort into the narrative aspects of gaming.

Witchfire, Rougelikes, FPS Game, The Astronauts, NoobFeed

How can they convince the player of the significance of this location and its backstory? To avoid making the player seem like a mouse in first-person mode, they put a lot of thought into making abandoned locations look and feel authentic and full of rich stories. It's also in the little tricks and workarounds they discovered over time, like making the wind stronger than it has to be so that the trees don't appear to be living, breathing things when the player walks past them. They also wanted the weapons to gain an appropriately epic sound with each level of improvement. Upgrading a weapon makes it feel and sound more formidable, but each weapon has its unique weight.

The makers of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter seem to know what they're doing when it comes to designing lethal weaponry. The Astronauts have finally filled in the gaps for us on what this game is about. And that's what we'll be doing when Witchfire releases on September 20, 2023, on PC and a little later on consoles.

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