Valve is Rumored to Announce a New Steam Machine for Wireless VR Headsets

According to the leaked code, Valve is planning to lower the cost for entry-level VR users.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 11 Sep 2023

Nowadays the word VR is almost not found online due to some games and companies working hard on advancing their usual line of tech such as computers, computer parts, consoles, and such. VR is sort of left out in this advancement, however, the hardware and software giant, Valve is apparently getting ready to announce a new device that will help with VR users immensely.

This machine has not yet been named. It is expected to lower the cost of getting a high-end computer just for VR purposes. As you might know, VR does not only work with itself, there has to be a computer for it and in recent years, most of the PC and graphics chip manufacturers have been trying to adapt to the market with their “VR Ready” products. While these products can cause a person to ditch the idea of getting a VR set, seems like the new machine will bring down the cost. Valve’s previous attempt to lower the cost of a gaming PC worked out a treat for them.

With Steam Deck, Valve was able to distribute gaming for everyone, and it was so flexible that, from engineers to casual gamers, Steam Deck allowed a lot of people to do whatever they wanted with a portable PC. In terms of the new, upcoming machine that is purposefully built for VR, Valve directly addresses those people who want to experience VR however they want.

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Steam Machines, on the other hand, are quite handy pre-built PCs made by Valve. They aren’t that popular due to their low-end specs and only working with low amounts of games that are available. It is sort of a developer machine for the people who want to make their own games and test them out on the go. However, the recent leak of certain updates and information about and upcoming Steam Machine revealed that it has a very powerful APU that can handle VR very easily. There has been an update for the Steam VR Alpha recently as well, making the supposed beefed-up Steam Machine more believable than ever.

The Steam Machine is expected to handle the wireless VR headsets too, which is a big plus for the people who are thinking of being included in the VR phase. Most of the high-end VR equipment usually require cables and it kind of contradicts the element of freedom, therefore people tend to choose wireless headsets. Props to Valve on this as they think ahead with their current projects.

Steam's 20th year anniversary is approaching soon and Valve might just announce the new Steam Machine for wireless VR headsets a reality with their anniversary as well. We shall wait for upcoming updates from Valve themselves about it.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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