Sony State of Play May 2024 All Reveals and Details

Those who missed the latest Sony State of Play May 2024 live showcase may find all the titles revealed and part of their release details.

By Rayan, Posted 31 May 2024

This is Sony's third annual State of Play showcase, and for the past half hour, we've heard all the latest information regarding upcoming PS5 and PSVR2 games. If you were unable to see the live broadcast of the most recent episode of Sony State of Play May 2024, you can find all the games revealed during the show, as well as all of the release details for some of the games.

Concord, Female Protagonist, Hero Shooter


The showcase started with a cinematic prologue for Firewalk's upcoming PvP shooter Concord. Firewalk then showcased the gameplay from within the game engine for the vibrant 5v5 multiplayer hero shooter that stars a group of outcast alien warriors. As Sony has stated in the past, Concord will be made available on the PlayStation 5 and PC on August 23. Firewalk, however, plans to hold a Beta in July before that date.

God of War Ragnarok

The long-awaited release of God of War Ragnarok and accompanying Valhalla DLC on PC comes with a bundled package. On PC, Ragnarok will have the Valhalla DLC in addition to PC-specific features including super ultrawide monitors, unlocked frame rates, DLSS, XeSS, and FSR.

A PSN account is required to play God of War Ragnarok on PC. The choice has the potential to divide opinions, especially considering that Sony faced criticism for requiring a PSN account in the PC versions of Helldivers 2 and Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut.

Dynasty Warriors Origins, Sony State of Play May 2024

Dynasty Warriors Origins

Dynasty Warriors, a series of hack-and-slash games developed by Omega Force and published by KoeiTemco, is making a comeback with the announcement of Dynasty Warriors Origins, which is scheduled to be released sometime in the year 2019. Even though Dynasty Warriors Origins appears to be somewhat ambitious, when it'll be released in 2025, we will know for certain the answer. Dynasty Warriors: Origins, will be available for the PlayStation 5 in 2025, in addition to being available for the Windows PC and Xbox Series X.

Where Winds Meet

Where Winds Meet is a role-playing game that takes place during the Ten Kingdoms Era. Players assume the position of a swordsman who will have a significant impact on the battle's result. This martial arts game was initially introduced at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 and has now been confirmed for the PlayStation 5, and a new gameplay trailer has been released to showcase the game's numerous features. The trailer says Where Winds Meet is 'under development' and has no release date.

Infinity Nikki, Cute Female Character, Cute Little Girl, Sony State of Play May 2024

Infinity Nikki

Interesting dress-up game Infinity Nikki set in an open environment. Alongside their furry companion Momo, players will be able to venture into a beautiful fantasy world, which is scheduled to undergo a beta test in the near future. 

Infinity Nikki, which was earlier dubbed an "open-world dress-up adventure," follows the titular character as she travels to Miraland. When she and her friend Momo go on an adventure, they'll stop in numerous countries, each with its own unique culture and history. Even more delightful than that are the many cute animals that Nikki will meet. While a beta test is planned for this year, there is currently no confirmed release date.

Ballad of Antara

Ballad of Antara, a very ambitious Souls-like action game that will be released for the PlayStation 5 in 2025, was revealed by the developer who was responsible for Pascal's Wager. The head of the studio stated in a letter that Ballad of Antara will be a free-to-play game and will endeavor to achieve the best possible level of accuracy. Expect the release of Ballad of Antara in 2025.

Alien: Rogue Incursion, Sony State of Play May 2024

Alien: Rogue Incursion

A brand-new entry in the Alien series is on the way and the upcoming installment in this legendary horror series is Alien: Rogue Incursion. Taking place on the alien planet Purdan, your objective appears to be to investigate the ominous remains of a spacecraft crash while dodging the local Xenomorph. The game is scheduled to arrive somewhere during the holiday season of 2024.


Skydance Games, one of the developers behind The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners, is currently working on their next project called Behemoth. Behemoth promised weighty VR combat and life-like physics and an experience including encounters with gigantic monsters in bizarre, mythical settings. Those who own a PlayStation VR 2 will have the opportunity to put those promises to the test when the Behemoth is released later this year. 

Marvel Rivals, Sony State of Play May 2024

Marvel Rivals

A team-based hero shooter that will be released for PlayStation 5 and will feature the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe is being developed by Marvel and NetEase. A PC version of Marvel Rivals is now in closed beta, and a console version will be out later this year. Though we have yet to hear a release date for Marvel Rivals, we have seen additional gameplay footage that gives us a good idea of the game's mechanics and style. The developers have also stated that the game will have a closed beta test in July and that the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles will have access to the beta test that month.

Until Dawn 

Until Dawn, the revamped interactive horror game from Supermassive Games will be available for PC and PS5 in the fall. Despite looking remarkably similar to the original, it's great to see this coming to next-gen consoles, and even better that there's a PC surprise release. While we are still without a confirmed release date, the showcase did disclose that Until Dawn will be available on PC and PS5 in the fall.

Path of Exile 2, Female Protagonist, Sony State of Play May 2024

Path of Exile 2

Developed by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile 2 is an upcoming free-to-play action role-playing game that will be available on PC and PS5. Along with some new screenshots and an expected release date, Grinding Gear Games has announced that Path of Exile 2 will be coming to the PlayStation 5 and will have couch co-op. Additionally, it will be released to all platforms, including PS5, in late 2024 with an early access launch.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

The long-awaited release date for the Silent Hill 2 Remake from Konami and Bloober Team has been announced. On October 8, 2024, Silent Hill 2 will be available on PS5. An eerie new trailer has been released, which reveals what the updated version will be like.

Along with the announcement of a release date, the developers Blooper and Konami have dropped a new trailer for the game, giving fans another glimpse of what's to come. Especially more combat, including a late-game scene featuring James Sunderland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, against the eerie Abstract Daddy boss.

Monster Hunter Wilds

Unveiling Monster Hunter Wilds, the highly anticipated open-world sequel to Monster Hunter: World set to release in 2025, Capcom and Sony have released a fresh gameplay-centric trailer. Aside from confirming the inclusion of new monsters, Capcom also gave us another glimpse of this stunning project. The release year is 2025. 

Astro Bot, Sony State of Play May 2024

Astro Bot

Asobi is currently working on a new game titled Astro Bot, and we won't have to wait too much longer for it to be released. The developer has revealed that their next project will be released on September 6th, and it will be available only for the PlayStation 5. Astro has the power to change into a PlayStation 5 console, Aloy, Nathan Drake, and Kratos—three of PlayStation's most iconic characters. On September 6th, Astro Bot will be available for the PlayStation 5.

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