Path of Exile Receives a PvP Overhaul

The award-winning online RPG Path of Exile has had its PvP feature face lifted in the new update.

By Gabriel_P, Posted 13 Dec 2014

Update 1.3.0 for Path of Exile features many new PvP features including new Challenge Leagues, tournaments, PvP-only characters, as well as a myriad of changes such as new unique in-game items and changes to the interface.

When you create a character in Path of Exile, you must choose a ‘league’ for that character to exist in. Each league is suited for a specific play style and players can only interact with other characters in the same league. The three leagues that exist now are Hardcore, Ironman, Cut-throat, and Attrition.

In update 1.3.0, the new leagues are Torment and Bloodlines. In Torment, “players are haunted by the spirits of tormented criminals.” These spirits can instil themselves within monsters, vastly increasing the difficulty, as well as improving the loot that they drop. In the Bloodlines league, each group of monsters share a bloodline that enhances their combat abilities. This gives these monsters a synergetic power, which must be defeated by using various strategies.

Path of Exile PvP Screenshot Update

New Zealand developers, Grinding Gear Games, are also introducing new types of PvP tournaments. These are Free-for-all tournemnts, Blitz tournaments, and Swiss tournaments. As one may guess, the Free-for-all mode pits players against others to fight for ‘points.’ One kill is equal to one point. Blitz tournaments are a “series of rapid-fire duels,” where players fight in a 1v1 setting and are quickly matched up with another opponent upon death. The Swiss tournament matches players of similar ability against eachother and battle in a match of seven separate fights. Grinding Gear Games says this tournament mode is designed to “provide the most competitive structure of the three tournaments on offer.”

With the introduction of PvP-only characters, players can now access new characters to play with exclusively for PvP games. This eliminates the need to alter your character build to fit PvP matches, but instead, you are able to create a blank character.

Update 1.3.0 is now live and ready for players of the free online action RPG, Path of Exile.

Gabriel Polychronis, NoobFeed (@Twitter)

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