Upcoming Grim Dawn Expansion To Feature Necromancer Mastery

Making the undead fight for us will be a thing in the forthcoming Grim Dawn expansion.

By Woozie, Posted 21 Mar 2017

Since releasing Grim Dawn, Crate Entertainment have provided constant support in the form of updates and hotfixes to their game adding in more baddies to smash and shinies to collect. Continuing down this road, an expansion is currently in the works, hopefully releasing some time this year. We know it will bring with it a new act, transmogrification via the new Illusionist NPC, and changes regarding itemization which, among other things, will allow items to boost three skills instead of just two. Those who've exhausted all possible class combinations will also want to know that two new masteries (the game's equivalent for classes) have been announced.

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The first mastery, unveiled a while back, is the Inquisitor. Part of the same order as Inquisitor Creed, this mastery will favor ranged combat, while also being able to dish out damage in melee, should the need arise. Joining the Inquisitor is the Necromancer, which specializes in stealing health from foes and, naturally, summoning all sorts of undead to do their bidding as they relax and take a sip of that famed Necromancer tea. This will raise the available masteries to a total of eight. The new masteries can be combined with the old ones and I'm already looking forward to doing a Necromancer/Occultist hybrid class that focuses entirely on summoning minions. Looks like Diablo 3's upcoming Necromancer class has some competition.

If you haven't picked up Grim Dawn yet, you might want to give our Grim Dawn Review a look. We quite enjoyed it and with the updates released since, it's bound to have you hacking and slashing monsters for a good while.

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