Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon the Last Mainline Games on the Nintendo 3DS

The final major Pokemon game for the 3DS is almost here

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Oct 2017

During the last Nintendo Direct Pokemon announcement, many gamers were disappointed that Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced instead of a new game in the series. As it turns out these remakes will be the last mainline games in the 3DS library.

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This was stated during an interview with Game Freak director, Shingeru Ohmori, and IGN stating that their studio has pushed the limits of the 3DS system:

“When we were making Pokemon X and Y, we really were trying to push the 3DS system to its absolute limits – which is what we thought we’d done. But when Sun and Moon came around, we completely redesigned the system, and actually ended up pushing the 3DS even further to what we thought was the most we could draw out of it."

"With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits, and we’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out. So we’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

This was particularly apparent during my time with Pokemon Sun and Moon on the original model 3DS where slowdowns were occurring during battles with more than 1 Pokemon.

The Pokemon Company has already confirmed that a new Pokemon game is in development for the Nintendo Switch. It seemed inevitable that Game Freak would move away from Nintendo's less powerful handheld console to the new hybrid model. 

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launches on November 17 for Nintendo 3DS.

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