Developers of God of War Talk About Kratos' Humanity

Naughty Dog had some influence on God of War's development

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Mar 2018

When you think of Kratos most assume he's an anger and destructive person with little regard for right and wrong. And this isn't wrong as the previous God of War games established the franchise on large-scale battles and brutal gameplay elements. However, speaking with GameSpot, director of God of War, Cory Barlog discussed how this new entry will showcase Kratos humanity that was lost in a sea of blood and violence from the Greek storyline.

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Barlog stated:

“I didn’t really want to go and reboot to Greek mythology, I wanted to explore something else. I think giving him a new setting, a fresh start was important. Changing Kratos, or at least exposing a new side to him, making him more dimensional, kind of the archaeological uncovering of his humanity, to discover there is a human buried way deep inside, a human that was beat down…”

The franchise started with Kratos attempting suicide after being abandoned by the Gods and unable to forget losing his family at his own hands. This led Kratos to become overwhelmed with hatred but in this new entry, we see a new side of Kratos.

His son Atreus adds a new element, softening Kratos and trying not to repeat his past mistakes. Barlog used the E3 demo when Kratos is about to yell at his son for making a mistake by taking a deep breath before yelling to claim himself down before speaking to Atreus in a lower tone. This use of Atreus to humanize Kratos, similar to The Last of Us with the developing relationship of Joel and Ellie.

Barlog touched on how the PSP game Ghost of Sparta's moment when Kratos is forced to push his daughter away and return to his role as the Ghost of Sparta was negatively received. Barlog stated you "You have to earn the moment" and didn't feel that they earned by showcasing Kratos as the same person he was at the beginning and the end. Barlog used other examples of failing to establish Kratos' humanity such as carrying his brother's body or hugging his family to heal them at the cost of his own health.

This humanized side of Kratos is definitely new, as a fan of the series seeing Kratos from the angry madman with a thirst for nothing but revenge to a father is not only new but refreshing. Allowing fans to see Kratos in a new light that was previously overshadowed.

I didn't expect for him to be a character that had demension but he is right that is fantastic. I think as a writer as a director that is a challenge that I love right because it is hard to create a brand new character. I believe it is harder to take a character that everyone thinks they know and understand and show them a side of that character that feels sincere that feels earnest that feels right that is very different that challenges their preconceived notions that's difficult and if you succeed I hope that we have I think that is that is going to be a proud moment.

I personally cannot wait to play God of War and hopefully, you do succeed in changing my mind about Kratos Barlog.

God of War launches on April 20th for PS4.

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