Cancelled Prey 2 Footage Surfaces

Prey 2 gameplay shown

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2018

Before Bethesda and Arkane Studios revived the franchise Prey was entirely different, with a sequel in development. Announced by 3D Realms back in 2006 the title was supposed to launch in early 2011 before it was canceled in 2014. The franchise was revived and rebooted as Prey for Xbox One, PS4, and PC taking on a new setting but now footage from the prototype have surfaced online showcasing some basic gameplay.

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Uploaded on Twitter by Digital Games Curator at the Museum of Play in Rochester, NY Andrew Borman the footage shows the main character facing off against several enemies using a pistol, rifle, and submachine gun. 

Prey 2 would've had players taking control of U.S. Marshal Killian Samuels, who after being abducted and stranded on the planet Exodus has taken on the role of a bounty hunter. With no memory of what happened on the ship that took him from earth Killian attempts to regain his memory while being a bounty hunter.

Prey 2 may have been canceled but those still looking for aliens to kill can try out Prey which is now available and may be getting new DLC.

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