Serious Sam Collection for PS4 and Xbox One Rated by ESRB

Serious Sam coming back?

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Dec 2018

The ESRB may have leaked a new project prior to its announcement, Serious Sam Collection.

Serious Sam Collection,NoobFeed,

This is likely a re-release of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game with 4K visuals and updated resolution. But this is just a theory.

The rating report lists the collection as an M for Mature-rated software, with the reasoning being that “players use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, and sledgehammers to kill numerous creatures.” Checks out. Honestly, I expected nothing less — it’s Serious Sam. As is expected, “Large blood-splatter effects occur during combat. Enemies are sometimes shown blowing themselves up into bursts of limbs and blood. Players are also able to rip the eyes out of creatures’ heads and/or rip the hearts out of soldier-like aliens.”

“During the course of the game, harpy-like enemies are depicted topless (though usually from a distance). One character briefly references drugs in the dialogue (e.g., “I’m supposed to be doin’ blow off a stripper’s a*s right now.”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” appear in dialogue.”

We'll likely hear more in 2019 since 2018 is almost done.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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