Titanfall 2 Xbox One Review

Titanfall 2 is an incredible game and worthy contender for Game of the Year

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Oct 2016

Titanfall 2 is everything a sequel should be. It improves on everything the first game did and includes new mechanics to still make it appealing to veterans and newcomers alike. The single-player campaign is a thrill ride full of exciting challenges and atmospheric moments. The multiplayer is teeming with unlockable items, customizable options, and engaging modes. Simply put, Titanfall 2 is not only a fantastic shooting a phenomenal sequel to the original game.

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Titanfall 2’s single-player has you taking control of Jack Cooper a rifleman hoping to one day become a Pilot. Jack’s teacher is killed and Jack is unexpectedly given control over his Vanguard-class Titan called BT-7274 also known as BT. The two are stranded on the planet called Typhon after their starship was being ambushed by the Intersellar Manufacturing Corporation, known as the IMC. BT is your standard by-the-books militarygrade Titan who’s artificial intelligence is often misunderstand by Jack’s jokes and metaphors. Sometimes 2 options are given how to respond to BT, it doesn’t change the story’s outcome but offers more control of what they want to hear. Jack is a relatable everyman dropped into hero seat and expected to do the impossible. Over the course of the game a mutual respect is developed between the two, especially given the suicidal missions these two will have to overcome. 

The excellent level design showcases that Respawn took a lot of effort crafting each environment in the campaign. Each chapter is saturated with options that take advantage of your acrobatic abilities such as double-jumping, wall-running, and cloaking. The game still feels like a traditional shooter but one with pristine controls and fluid traversal system. However, this changes when you enter your Titan.

Unlike Jack BT isn’t as nimble but makes up for it in raw power. BT can dash and run at a moderate rate but lacks Jack mobility. Here fights become streamlined with the player constantly watching BT’s shielding and health. Health doesn’t regenerate but shielding does, health is only restored by obtaining special Titan batteries from the field or from fallen Titans. As a Vanguard class Titan BT is able to equip other Titan weapons and use their special ordinances, changing your weapons is usually required but players can easier plow through the game using any of the weapons.

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BT and Jack won’t only be contending with the IMC but a mercenary group called Apex. Boss fights against Apex leaders has you fighting against a different Titan variant each time. With the exception of one all these fights don’t require any special tactics, shooting them until they die with your favorite loadout works fine. In a genre where boss battles have become a rarity it’s refreshing to see Respawn taking the initiative to put them into their games. Sometimes Jack and BT will encounter hostile wildlife, which does break up the monotity of shooting soldiers and robots.

The Titanfall series was build on the foundation of multiplayer combat and Titanfall 2 improves on almost every aspect. First off the lack of content has been addressed. A myriad of modes, better progression system, and customization have all been addressed, making Titanfall 2’s multiplayer far more fleshed-out.

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is still fast-paced, with a lot of running, jumping, and gun action. The movement feels precise allowing players to seamlessly string together jumps, into wall-running, and sliding with ease. Getting into a fight will most likely lead to your early demise unless you take the time to cover your blind spots. Enemy AI and enemy players appear on the minimap while shooting. As the match progresses more powerful enemy AI adversaries begin to join the battle, adding another layer of challenge during the final moments. Enemy NPCs for the most part are cannon fodder but if unestimated can kill you just as easily. Respawn has made destroying the enemy escape ship easier but not enough to discourage escaping.

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Titans this time around aren’t the same unstoppable juggernauts from the first game. You’ll still work towards a Titan by killing players and completing objectives but this time around Titan shields don’t regenerate, instead, they’re dependent on batteries. Rodeoing from the first game has changed as well. Instead of exposing the core to deal damage to a Titan these can be stolen from enemy Titans and used to restore your own or ally Titans. Instead, remove the battery of an enemy Titan causes massive damage and can only be performed once per Titan. 

In the first game Titan customization was limited to three chassis, that determined their speed and armor, and weapons. This time you have six unique Titans to choose from, each with their own weapons, perks, and special ability called a Burst Core. When charged a the Burst Core allows you to perform a lethal offensive attack based on their model ranging from a chest laser to a barrage of rockets. You can further customize your Titan with paint jobs and three kits, each offering different perks. All Titans come with the anti-Pilot electric smoke now, but each use requires a recharge. 

Burns Cards, one-time perks from the first game, have been removed. Pilot Boosts have taken their place, these are powers, perks, or abilities that you work to activate during the match similar to a Titan. Unlike Burn Cards these are more constituent and activation depends on your performance. Depending on whether you hate or like this new addition is up to you. For those who like the Smart-Pistol, it's been changed into a Pilot Boost, it’s no longer an equitable weapon.

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Anti-titan weapons have become optional now. Instead, players can choose to equip an anti-titan weapon or a pistol sidearm. With the anti-titan weapon you can dispose of Titans but pistols are quicker to switch to than reloading your weapon, great for when your clip is empty but your enemy is still standing. 

Like Titans Pilots come in various classes that determine their ability. Abilities no longer reset when you die but charge constantly after use. For example you can use your cloaking to hide from enemies, only becoming visible when attacking before re-cloaking, but once it depletes you’ll have to wait the entire duration for it to charge before using it. Other abilities include the pulse bomb that shows enemy locations, a grapple hook, stim to increase speed and healing, phase shift, A-wall for quick barriers, and holo pilot for deployable decoys. 

Weapons include assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and grenade launchers. Each weapon has their own variant to tailor to your specific needs with attachments that unlock for using that weapon. With a number of options offered a test shooting range would’ve been greatly appreciated, perhaps Respawn will add this feature in a patch.

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The weapons and armor of Pilots can be painted with different color variants and you can change the gender of your pilot. Other options include 2 different kit options and special executions for sneak kills. It’s clear that Respawn wants you to feel special with each class you create. Each Titan and Pilot felt more like an experience like crafting a character in an RPG.

Titanfall 2 has 8 modes to choose from ranging from classics such as Capture the Flag and Domination to returning favorites like Attrition. Coliseum is a new one-on-one battle with no Titans, best of three wins. This mode is the most intense because you can only enter by buying your way in or with a Coliseum ticket. Winning earns you an Advocate Gift which are only given when you reach a new level and unlocks new cosmetic items. Bounty Hunt another new mode that has players killing other players and NPCs to earn money and deposit it in a bank. If killed the enemy player gets half what you collected. A private match mode is available in beta form right now for up to 16 players.

The nine maps available offer a lot of diversity. Each one was taken from the single-player and built upon for multiplayer combat. The amount of verticality offers various opportunities for flanking as nimble Pilots. When in a Titan the once large roads become passageways for your behemoth to tread through. 

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Titanfall 2 is exactly what a sequel should be. It not only improves on every foundation set by the original game but adds a wealth of new additions that makes the experience feel fresh. The dynamic single-player will have you on edge from start to finish and the rich multiplayer will have you playing for months to come. Best of all Respawn has plans to support Titanfall 2 with new content at no additional cost! Titanfall 2 is an incredible game and worthy contender for Game of the Year.

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