Sonic Forces Xbox One X Review

Sonic Forces takes too many steps backward from 2011's formula for an experience that's average at best

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Nov 2017

Sonic Forces seeks to replicate the success of Sonic Generations by mixing together modern and classic platforming using 2 different varieties of Sonics. While it provides a healthy array of stages that complement both modern and classic mechanics of Sonic the Hedgehog games it stumbles a lot. This due to the lack of meaningful levels, a forced third character, and boring boss battles. Sonic Forces is a mediocre game that is easily forgettable.

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Sonic Forces takes place after Dr. Eggman has taken over the world and the remaining survivors leading a resistance army against the Doctor. With the help of his new team of villains that compose of Shadow, Chaos, Zavok, Metal Sonic, and newcomer Infinite Eggman seeks to rid the world of Sonic and his friends for good. Sonic games have never been known for having meaningful stories but they were servable. In Sonic Forces Infinite does provide some great moments but everyone else falls flat with generic dialogue and boring writing.

While Eggman maintains his same giant robot-themed fights Infinite is a letdown gameplay wise. His opening scene presents him as this powerful mercenary but when you face him it's the opposite. Infinite is easily taken down in his boss fights and considering how effortlessly he took Sonic out in the game's early cutscenes this was disappointing. None of the boss battles reach the same excitement as Sonic Generations with a lot of them depending on simple patterns with no real challenge.

Infinite isn't the new character joining the cast, a custom Avatar joins Sonic and his Resistance against Dr. Eggman. The character is completely customizable with different clothing and weapons options. Unlike modern and classic Sonic the Avatar is equipped with a grappling hook for leaping large distances and can use Wisp powers. The Avatar's weapon can be altered to use a flamethrower, an electric whip, and other variants. Depending on which weapon you use will provide different bonuses such as increased grinding speed, starting rings, and other special additions. The Avatar cannot use Wisps outside its weapon types and plays like a weaker version of Sonic. You can only access Wisp powers based on your weapon type and his stages are modified versions of existing Sonic stages with grappling points. 

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A lot of energy was put into making the Avatar a key figure within Sonic Forces. This was vexing because I wanted to play as Sonic, and since so many stages are based on the Avatar, who can team up with Modern Sonic, there are far fewer stages for Classic Sonic. Classic Sonic also doesn't play much of a role in the game's story, he just appears for some reason and doesn't serve much of a purpose other than existing. 

Sonic Forces have 30 stages that mix together 2D and 3D platforming. Most of them repeat the same environments with different variations. Classic areas such as Green Hill and Chemical Plant make a return along with original levels but unfortunately no snow stages. The game does encourage you to keep playing by unlocking new items for your Avatar but once you get a comfortable look changing its appearance becomes unnecessary. 

The game is significantly easier than any Sonic game I've played. 2 modes are provided, Normal and Hard, with Hard providing a more classic Sonic the Hedgehog experience. The most notable change comes from the duration of each stage. The average level can be completed in about 2 minutes with the entire campaign taking around 3 hours to complete. Collecting everything, such as the Red Coins and earning an S rank, will extend the game around another 2 hours but in its entirety, Sonic Forces is a short game with very little meat to it.

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Sonic Forces does attempt to keep the aesthetic of leading a resistance army by providing military-themed dialogue, a world map with occupied territories, a control meter, and special SOS missions. These missions popup and have the player returning to past stages with special challenges to completes. Since you never lose territory these missions can be ignored and with the only rewards being cosmetic medals and customizable items rewards for completing stages were simply not enticing.

The game is beautiful and controls well. Character animations are incredible done and the colors are wonderfully vibrant, especially in Infinite's character model. The lip-syncing outside of the game's cutscenes are poorly done but considering the game's already shallow story it's dismissible.

I had high hopes for Sonic Forces to deliver a similar experience that Sonic Generations did. Providing an excellent array of 2D and 3D Sonic stages with boss battles that complemented both eras with more original content. Instead, a heavy focus is put on a weak custom character that for some reason plays a larger role than Classic Sonic. Sonic Forces takes too many steps backward from 2011's formula for an experience that's average at best.

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