Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask Xbox One X Review

In Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask you'll either pushed away those potential allies or made new alliances

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Nov 2017

The previous episode ended with Bruce finally gaining acceptance in The Pact, but this victory is shortlived in Fractured Mask. Immediately when starting new problems start to arise with the group now searching for a mole that has been leaking information about their operations and Catwoman's involvement with the group. The episode focuses less on action and more on relationships, as Bruce is given most of the screen time to developed or break bonds with existing characters.  Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask does a lot to propel the story forward thanks to critical decisions and excellent choices, as of now this is the best episode of the season.

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Selina and Bruce's relationship easily steals the show. Based on your actions from season 1 Selina will act in a number of ways, however, it's up to Bruce to determine what their future will be like. Incredible dialogue is delivered between the 2 as the player chooses how they wish to lead this relationship. It can lead to a more distance and stoic Selina or a more nurturing attitude.

This extends to other characters as Bruce's companions are given ample time to speak to the billionaire. With the exception of Alfred, each one of Bruce's relationships is tested with favors, choices, and trust. John Doe is put in a difficult situation whether to remain obedient to Harley or help Bruce, depending on how you treated him since Arkham will determine the outlook. John also begins to show his true colors this episode providing more insight into what he truly is such as his interest in Harley and the deals he makes.

Action and puzzles take a back seat this time around. Puzzles have never been Telltale's strongest mechanics for any of their games and here there's one simple problem to solve. It isn't vexing to solve but does break down the momentum.

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Action, while limited, does provide some enjoyable quick-time events. With the exception of one fight, most of them are quickly forgettable. It's a disappointment considering that the last episode also suffered from this issue but makes up for it in critical choices. These are much more frequent here and sometimes have immediate consequences that will yield long-term results. 

Batman The Enemy Within Episode 3: Fractured Mask doesn't attempt to rush things any focuses more on narrative instead of action. The bonds developed here by both Bruce and Batman are quickly tested and determined based on how the player chooses. By the end, you've created new alliances or destroyed old one.

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