Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Turf Wars PlayStation 4 Pro Review

Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Turf Wars does provide a much more challenging experience with the introduction of a new enemy type and build up another cliffhanger for the upcoming finale.

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Nov 2018

Marvel's Spider-Man's first DLC as part of The City that Never Sleeps campaign was an outstanding opening that has players teaming up with the lovely and deceptive Black Cat and ending with a bang. Now the adventure continues in Turf Wars where Hammerhead attempts to secure control over New York using whatever means possible. Turf Wars doesn't carry the same charm as The Heist but still delivers a sold penultimate finale with a shocking cliffhanger.

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Turf Wars starts after the events of The Heist, Hammerhead has begun his assault against NY and seeks to take control. Spider-Man and Yuri are trying to keep innocent people safe and take down the crime boss but things get heated as the adventure continues. It's strange to see Spider-Man so clam, especially after the events of The Heist if anyone should be angry or upset it should be Peter. What is provided is new information about Yuri that affects the relationship between Yuri and Spider-Man.

Yuri and Spider-Man's relationship took a backseat during the core campaign, while both were comfortable to work with one another there relationship was barebones with the occasional visit from Spider-Cop. However, it was thanks to Yuri that Spider-Man's bond that NY was saved but their relationship was never tested like his relationship with his other close friends and family, until now. Yuri has a lot of darkness and Spider-Man wants to desperately help his friend even if she doesn't want him too. This leads to a lot of emotionally charged events between the two.

Much of the gameplay remains the same here. Players will take on a series of missions ranging from combat to stealthfully taking on enemies in specific situations. There's a new enemy type that changes the meta, a new type of shielded enemy that can dash forward using a jetpack and leave behind pools of energy that disrupts Spider-Man's gadgets. This is definitely the hardest battles Spider-Man will face as this new enemy creates a deadly combination, especially when facing more than 1 of them.

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You'll get your share of new crimes and challenges, marking the return of Screwball. There are no collectibles here but instead Insomniac has added new variants of criminal activities such as tailing specific targets. Those hoping to earn those new trophies will have to swing across the city hoping for the missions to trigger again.

The entire adventure can take about 2 hours to complete and offers more Marvel's Spider-Man. It definitely adds more questions to the mix instead of answering lingering issues established by the first episode. Marvel's Spider-Man CTNS Turf Wars does provide a much more challenging experience with the introduction of a new enemy type and build up another cliffhanger for the upcoming finale.

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