Resident Evil 2 2019 The Ghost Stories Xbox One X Review

The Ghost Survivors provide 4 what if situations that will give more reasons for players to return to Raccoon City.

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Feb 2019

Resident Evil 2 2019 was already a massive success by providing an authentic and tense survival-horror experience. However, that wasn't enough with Capcom delivering 4 new campaigns that star characters that unfortunately didn't make it out of Raccoon City. The Ghost Survivors provide 4 what if situations that will give more reasons for players to return to Raccoon City.

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The Ghost Stories has players in control of 4 new characters that died during the Raccoon City incident. This includes Robert the gunshop owner, Katherine the mayor's daughter, HUNK's team member Ghost, and Shieff Daniel from the gas station. Each one of these 5-10 minute campaigns features these character surviving the events in short stories, excellently crafted and challenging.

The campaigns each start off with a short cutscene explaining their situation, how they survived, and their objective. Each campaign plays like The 4th Survivor, with the player attempting to complete a single objective using limited supplies. The developers have included new elements to keep the experience fresh such as bug-out bags worn by the infected that contain supplies and vending machines that dispense 1 item. This limits the time needed to look for supplies since these item collecting points are very easy to spot.

Like HUNK's campaign, the player must focus on evading and knowledge of the environment. Capcom has included a "Training" mode that offers an easier experience with fewer enemies, more items, and less damage taken. The real version tracks your time and features the full mode, offering an intense challenge of memorizing enemy positions, what items to take, and when to fight. It'll take a couple of tries but these modes are all about learning from failure. However, it's annoying that no restart option is available in the menu and players cannot quit when in mid-attack.

Another new addition is 2 new enemy types, a poison zombie that expels gas and can cause poison if you're bitten and the pale man. The pale zombie looks like the creature from Pan's Labyrinth and can regenerate and move much quicker than other infected. These 2 new enemies offer a new threat to deal with, adding to the overall experience.

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Each of the campaigns does include collectibles to shoot and special challenges. These unlock unique accessories that the player can wear on their head purely for cosmetic effect. Some of them are fun to look at, especially with the mouth moving up and down.

The DLCs are free but similar issues from the core campaign still exist. You still move at a vexing speed, the damage is inconsistent, and zombies will sometimes ignore physical trauma and charge forward with no issue. These are minor complains about what is excellent DLC.

The Ghost Survivors offers great alternative situations of what would have happened if these people survived. Their unknown stories finally giving context but lost in the flames of Raccoon City. If you're a fan of Resident Evil 2 2019 then The Ghost Stories will draw you back into the infected horde.

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