Streets of Rage 4 PlayStation 4 Review

The deadly universe of Streets of Rage 4 is simultaneously completely fresh and very recognizable at the same time, making it a blast to play through.

By Faiya, Posted 08 May 2020

It has been 26 years since we were last fascinated by the Streets of Rage series with its fast rhythm and aggressive fisticuffs. The 16-bit era was a whole lifetime ago and action games have since gone way beyond the typical arcade brawlers of yesteryear. The fact that Streets of Rage 4 exists is maybe in itself a miracle, but it’s undoubtedly here. What’s more remarkable is how it doesn’t disappoint after so much time. There are one or two things here that could irk fans, but in general, we couldn’t have asked for a better return for Axel and co.

Streets of Rage 4, PlayStation 4, PS4, Review, Gameplay, Screenshots, Boss Fights, Characters, Power Moves

Taking place ten years after the Streets of Rage 3 events, Mr. X is no longer a threat. However, trouble is brewing again with tensions rising on the streets and Axel Stone alongside Blaze Fielding returning to deal their own brand of vigilante justice. This time, though, it’s not just them, as Cherry Hunter – a young girl virtually inseparable from her guitar – and Floyd Iraia – a cybernetically enhanced muscleman – join the fray. Familiar rivals also make a comeback, including brutes who charge you with a sword and the whip-wielding dominatrix.

As a whole, Street of Rage 4’s story has its over the top moments and isn’t particularly long, but its levels are fun and its punchy combat is reason enough to replay it after beating it once. Fans will be delighted to see the return of iconic moves such as Blaze’s Kikoushou and Axel’s Grand Upper, as well as the series’ typical cartwheels, suplexes, judo missiles and splits; as stylishly performed as ever, thanks to the game’s easy-to-use control scheme, these classic moves are a treat for both new and veteran players.

Each hero has a distinct combat style, adding a very unique range of skills to the mix. Axel Blaze uses heavy arm attacks in combos, delivering powerful multi-hit assaults. Adam can move in and out of danger, changing sides with his foe, while Adam Hunter’s daughter, Cherry Hunter, is gifted with both dash attacks and other acrobatic skills. Each hero’s combo deals a fair amount of damage to enemies, the best part being that health can be regained if hitting opponents right after landing a combo. The health bar will indicate a green portion which can be regained after the combo, while your health will deplete if you cease hitting or get hit by the foes. Many would avoid combo attacks in fear of losing health, but if timed properly it can turn into a handy addition to your arsenal.

Streets of Rage 4, PlayStation 4, PS4, Review, Gameplay, Screenshots, Boss Fights, Characters, Power Moves

Star moves are also worth a mention, as using them successfully deals a huge amount of damage to foes. Players, however, need to be careful when choosing whether to use these big guns out or not. The flow of fights in Streets of Rage 4 is simply amazing. Striking, catching, running and using special moves make the battle feel modern without losing its retro appeal, and, when you will get a second player to enter the game, there will be plenty of space for improvisation.

There are 12 different level in Streets of Rage 4, each filled with a good variety of foes, areas where you get cornered by the foes and a boss fight. Most stage have portions which be used against opponents – but they can also be deadly for the players – such as exploding barrels, bursting chemicals pipe and hole in the grounds. The stages also feel dramatically different from the each other and never let tedium set in.

Streets of Rage 4 also has a number of challenges that won’t activate unless you’ve completed the campaign, which is very much the heart and core of the title. There’s a self-explanatory option of Stage select that lets you revisit specific levels, and Arcade Mode, which encourages you to finish the whole game with a single credit. Boss Rushtests your survival skills in a gauntlet of, well, bosses. Co-op is also fun, but does occasionally get much too chaotic. There are also online matches, though I had a hard time finding any taking place. To make things challenging there are five difficult levels, Mania being a good choice for when you want to test your skills.


Streets of Rage 4 has a few disappointments, like its lack of a satisfying end to the plot, and not being able to continue the game from the place where you died can also be frustrating at times, forcing you, instead, to start the level from the beginning. But despite all these downsides, the deadly universe of Streets of Rage 4 is simultaneously completely fresh and very recognizable at the same time, making the title a blast to play through.

Nimmi Faiya, NoobFeed

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