House Party PC Review

Self-deprecation is a hallmark of the House Party, as is the absurdity of the events it puts you in.

By JohnSnow, Posted 17 Jul 2022

First thing first, children are not entitled to play House Party. Even if it is just for those above 18, or whatever age is required by the law in your region, it is probably more focused on being legal enough. Adults are the target audience for the engaging game. It was eventually made available on Steam today after spending a trying four years in Early Access. House Party, developed and published by Eek! Games will only be available for PC or, to be more specific, exclusively for Windows. If you're looking for an independent simulation game, this one provides a wide range of options and will not disappoint you.

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The primary objective of the House Party is to get laid while attending a party. Sincerely, that wraps it up. That sums up the whole game, and you should be aware of this before you walk into the game. There is no clear conclusion or progression to the tale in House Party. Instead, there are several more bizarre goals that one might work toward achieving, most of which lead to humorous dilemmas involving nude females and unpleasant behaviors.

Home Party is a first-person game that obviously takes place in a house. Players get access to the house's backyard, terrace, barbecue, and jacuzzi; however, these are the only outside features available. While the game may seem short in content, there is enough to keep you occupied, as you may pursue romantic relationships as the male or female protagonist. House Party involves problem-solving, whether you're trying to make someone drunk or not.

You may choose to experience one of the few unique narratives. In the main one, which is also the most extensive section of the game, you play as an anonymous individual who is asked by his best buddy Derek to a party where you don't know anyone else. Your objective in this portion of the game is to find a way to interact with other people —a nightmare prospect for all of us introverts to contemplate. However, there are a lot of attractive women at the party, and as could be expected, your objective is to get to know at least some of them better and make sexual advances toward at least one of them.

House Party, PC, Review, Eek! Games, Steam, Adult Games, Madison, NoobFeed

You are free to try to seduce many females simultaneously without encountering any difficulties; nevertheless, some activities will prevent you from achieving another aim. Because of this, the game may be played several times since various choices will lead to multiple results that can be discovered. You will eventually run out of different items to test, but this does not mean the game is over. There are two other storylines that you may play, both of which are far less open-ended and more linear. They emphasize the resolution of puzzles, and each has a unique conclusion, which is a welcome addition to the game.

The game has ten female characters: Amy, Ashley, Katherine, Leah, Lety, Brittney, Madison, Rachael, Stephanie, Vickie, and three male characters, Derek, Frank, Patrick, and a couple of Game Grumps guys. Each character has a different personality, and getting close to them requires solving a unique puzzle or performing various activities. For instance, Madison and Ashley are two sisters who want you to perform pranks on each other, which obviously blocks your chance to get close to the one you've pranked. However, you can get intimate with multiple characters through Vickie, which makes the game more amusing, while following the story of Lety and Rachael in the wrong direction might lead to a game over.

If you compare House Party's gameplay to any other typical first-person game, you will find that it is dreadful. The game doesn't provide a tutorial that can be excused since it's not hard to figure out a game like this, but what hits you like a brick is that you don't know which item is to be used for which character throughout the game. There's hardly any clue for that, even though a section called Opportunities tells you if there's a chance for you to progress the story with a particular character. Despite that character, movements are painfully slow and sluggish, and most have poor appearances and a variety of unpleasant textures.

House Party, PC, Review, Eek! Games, Steam, Adult Games, Amy, Ashley, Frank, Katherine, NoobFeed

It may be a surprise that House Party actually tried to introduce some action features to its bag, especially when you follow Leah's story or mess with any character, especially Derek. You can use the mouse buttons and spacebar to hit and block in a timely manner to bring down your opposition, or you can simply run away until they give up on you, except for Derek, of course. Then again, this feature is entirely optional, and you might not want to go that way if you're trying to get close to someone. It's not a solid game feature, but a feature nonetheless.

As far as animation goes, some female characters are pretty well-animated, while their upper body parts are done to perfection, but the rest of the animation is terrible. You can have limited interaction with some things to pick up or drop, and some can be picked up from different locations and added to your inventory. You can mix different items in while they are in your inventory, but the game doesn't provide any clue on what's necessary.

On the contrary, both the writing of the dialogue and the voice performance in House Party are significantly good. Even though the characters, including yourself, are entirely obnoxious, the conversations are rather amusing. Since you cannot leave home, it typically means that you will have to repeat a sequence in which you talk to various individuals several times; hence, the conversation is crucial. Having to retrace your steps might be irritating, but if you're playing the game for the sole purpose of getting in someone else's pants, that may not be the case.

House Party, PC, Review, Eek! Games, Steam, Adult Games, Leah, NoobFeed

Even though it is not sophisticated, House Party is nonetheless better than other games of this genre. It has a lot of tongue-in-cheek humor, and it's evident that it doesn't take itself too seriously. The general presentation of the game has undergone a significant transformation during the course of its development. Even though the animations are sometimes jerky and clunky, some graphical bugs pop up regularly here and there. Surprisingly, the mistakes often wind up being funnier than the jokes that were intended to be funny. 

If you're searching for a short chuckle or like ridiculous scenarios, House Party delivers both with its witty language and adult-oriented subject matter, making it a fun experience overall. If, on the other hand, you're hoping for an experience that encompasses more than simply drugs, females, and liquor, then you shouldn't play this game. Self-deprecation is a hallmark of the game, as is the absurdity of the events it puts you in.


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