The Last Case of Benedict Fox PC Review

Anyone who enjoys platformers should give The Last Case of Benedict Fox one a try.

By Rayan, Posted 30 Apr 2023

Platformers are not uncommon, as many titles from indie to AAA are regularly dropping. But when The Last Case of Benedict Fox was revealed 10 months ago, we were intrigued by its settings and, in particular, how they showcased the game's different mechanisms before getting the Most Wanted Microsoft Xbox Game Gamescom Award. A Metroidvania in the vein of Lovecraft, where we investigate the recollections of victims who have passed on and face off against literal and metaphorical demons.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, PC, Review, 2.5D Platfomer, Screenshots, Gameplay, NoobFeed

But it's hardly a rare occasion when a platformer is highly regarded, as most are rated average. Especially when the team behind the game is less well known to many despite their success with a mobile game called Drift Zone 2. Yes, Plot Twist might not be a common name in the video game industry, even though many of their team members have worked behind AAA titles like Dead Island, The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Hitman, and many more. The team itself is run by Pawe? Czapla, who is also the Art Director and thus explains their game highly shines in this segment. It's a game unlike any other we've played before. It's a Metroidvania focusing on horror rather than action and adventure, featuring a fresh blend of the two genres.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox may have elements of action, adventure, and mystery games, but it's a detective puzzle at its heart. It's a 2.5D take on the Metroidvania genre. Beyond the game's standard platforming obstacles and puzzles, many hidden locations, secrets, and collectibles exist throughout the levels. You'll be able to explore a whole new area filled with frightening new challenges as you gain access to previously unreachable areas and return there with your newly acquired skills. Visually, this game is stunning, fusing the style of 1920s detective fiction with Lovecraftian horror to create a surreal world of nightmares.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is unlike anything else I've ever played. It combines elements of a Lovecraftian puzzle game and a Metroidvania. It employs visual riddles in the vein of mystery in a way that benefits the story, with a recurrent cipher that quickly becomes second nature. Taking place in the time immediately following World War I, Benedict Fox's world is rife with weird occurrences and murders committed in secrecy. Benedict and his demon companion investigate a magnificent estate that holds many hidden secrets. Benedict will find several clues, keepsakes, and records that will take him farther into the depths of the abyss. There is no shortage of dangers, but the real horrors lie in wait for you in the realm of the undead.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, PC, Review, 2.5D Platfomer, Screenshots, Gameplay, NoobFeed

You obviously take on the role of Detective Benedict and work with a demon partner who lends his demonic talents to the investigation. Benedict can access the memories of someone who passed away recently to uncover clues that lead him to a perilous parallel universe. The story starts with the arrival of a mysterious case involving the murder of a couple and the disappearance of their child. Benedict investigates the shadowy organization and Lovecraftian horrors of the Arcane underground world. The Last Case of Benedict Fox takes time and lets you soak in its setting and story. Due to the many backtrackings required to gather the various artifacts that allow progression through the main tale, solving the puzzle will take some time.

Benedict and his friend can travel to the afterlife, known as Limbo, because of his capacity to perceive things from the deceased's perspective. Limbo appears to take on various forms, with each victim's memories and pain shaping a distinct afterlife. In one, you'll be platforming through crystal chandeliers while the snow falls; in the other. Benedict isn't only supported by his demon companion, while the famous escapologist Harry Houdini also lends a hand by supplying valuable items. A flashlight is needed to navigate the twilight zones and avoid the deadly darkness that may otherwise overtake you. Aside from being useful for opening locks, Kogai pins can also be used to temporarily stun enemies. The Kogai pin snare, for example, can be upgraded to increase its carrying capacity and effectiveness.

Without challenging riddles, the action-adventure genre wouldn't be complete. The puzzles have been carefully crafted, and they range in difficulty from easy to quite difficult. To overcome the The Last Case of Benedict Fox's many obstacles, you will need to use your imagination and intelligence to the fullest. One includes gathering ingredients for a golem ceremony, while another involves picking locks with a Kogai pin, although the bolts here are fingers joining a hideous mouth. Items found need to be analyzed for concealed descriptions, and other data should be analyzed for clues. However, it doesn't appear too complicated if you have found the right items. The puzzles can be easily solved if you know what you're doing, but getting there will involve some effort on your part and some analysis of the data provided by the game.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, PC, Review, 2.5D Platfomer, Screenshots, Gameplay, NoobFeed

Combat can be challenging, but they're well worth it if you master them. The combat mechanism combines hack-and-slashing with Benedict's knife with gunplay since you can aim and shoot foes at a distance for a limited time. Your playstyle can be adapted in several ways since Benedict can additionally employ his sliding ability to backstep through his foes and launch them into the air, where he can then block their strikes. If executed well, the parry mechanism can be a lot of fun, and timed blocking can be devastating, leaving opponents vulnerable to slower, heavier assaults. But even with his considerable abilities, it's wise to avoid many enemies at the same time since it has little chance of winning. Multiple deaths at the hands of the game's first boss taught me a valuable lesson: if you die in The Last Case of Benedict Fox, you'd better find a way to get your lost ink back, or you'll be out of luck. These are certainly anxious times.

Benedict and his buddy will have to fight off a wide variety of demons and monsters, including flying Lovecraftian eyeballs that dive bomb, shield-wielding beasts, and quick, slashing enemies with tails that may push you back. You'll also encounter enemies like the huge flying eye and the librarian, both of which are multi-winged demonic beasts. It's interesting because you won't be facing off against only demons but also adversaries from different groups. Even though their looks vary in different stages, they are usually the same regarding their attack patterns.

The two main protagonists are Benedict Fox and his demon sidekick, and you can expect a lot of dialogue between them as they debate the details of the case. That doesn't always mean the foxes are alone. Houdini also has a business selling life-saving supplies such as the Miracle Water, while you can buy and upgrade your supplies from his store. You can also get assistance from a strange tattooist who is always around after Benedict saves her from being trapped inside the mirror. This is where you unlock different traits and abilities for Benedict that allow him to perform various actions that he lends from his demonic companion.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox, PC, Review, 2.5D Platfomer, Screenshots, Gameplay, NoobFeed

The spectral voice of Benedict's demonic companion isn't merely there for moral support. He also has the ability to provide a hand through unique abilities. Upgrades increase the range of grappling and hurling enemies before shooting them in midair. He can use his demonic powers to push back lesser adversaries or smash through weak surfaces. Although not every of their skills has been described, there is a respectable selection from which to choose. Remember that this is a Metroidvania; therefore, not all areas will be open to you immediately. Unlocking items and improving movement options may be necessary to proceed. The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a game that rewards players that dig deep into its environment as the story unfolds in stages as they uncover its secrets. And going off the beaten path is a fascinating part of the game. 

Though the lack of remapping controls might be a concern for many, especially during the fights, as there is a matter combining parrying, dodging, and attacking. And even though you can always view the objectives when you check the map, they are very little explained and don't give a clear indication of where to find them. So you'll need to go forth and discover things for yourself without knowing what exactly you are looking for. Yes, you know that you're looking for some particular item on a certain map, but there is no real direction for it, nor where it might be. There are marks on the map, but they are very generic, not pointing toward the actual goal.

Visually, it's a work of art with gorgeous settings and characters with their aesthetic identity. Every inch of the game environment has been carefully designed, and it's a sight to behold. The presentation is stunning due to the use of different and rich textures, excellent lighting, and cohesive composition. Impressively hand-crafted scenery and character designs bring The Last Case of Benedict Fox's universe to life, and the degree of detail and craftsmanship is outstanding. Colorful graphics and fluid animations make for an engaging experience that will keep you engrossed for hours.


The Last Case of Benedict Fox's sound design is top-notch, with an atmospheric soundscape that perfectly fits the enigmatic mood. The soundtrack is eerie and gorgeous, and the sound effects are excellent, making every footfall, floorboard creak, and breeze feel completely genuine. The voice acting of all the characters is praiseworthy. Thymn Chase, the voice behind Benedict and Craig Hustler as his demonic companion, did an excellent job keeping you amused while they conversate throughout the game.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox's beautiful visuals will keep you hooked from the get-go. The mechanics are simple enough that even novice players won't have trouble getting the hang of the game. Both the story and the level of challenge are excellent, preventing the game from ever seeming stale. Anyone who enjoys platformers should give The Last Case of Benedict Fox one a try. It is a fantastic showcase of what can be done in the platforming genre, with stunning visuals, engaging gameplay, and a memorable cast of characters.

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