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WWE 2K24 is undeniably a fantastic game and Visual Concepts have made great strides with the WWE Series.

By Rayan, Posted 04 Mar 2024

One of the best aspects of sports video games is that fans can look forward to the release of new editions of iconic series every year. But from the developer's point of view, there's a constant challenge to making an already effective formula even better so that one player's efforts stand out among the many others. While a new roster is almost always unveiled with a new entry, most updates and tweaks are largely cosmetic. And without a doubt, WWE 2K23, last year's wildly successful wrestling game, is still a fantastic title.

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Visual Concepts and 2K proved with WWE 2K23 that there is still room for growth in the wrestling game genre, despite the complaints against their debut game. They achieved this by working out several long-standing problems and adding many innovative mechanics. It's clear that WWE 2K24 has made several noteworthy modifications to its gameplay, and even seasoned fans might think that WWE 2K24 is a vast improvement over last year's game. While this new installment in the series will undoubtedly bring WWE's roster and visuals up to date, WWE 2K24 still needs significant upgrades to stand out.

WWE 2K24 offers the most genuine professional wrestling experience ever made with an extensive number of new features, updates, content, and reintroduced elements that will blow your mind. Apart from the four new match types, the latest installment in the WWE franchise, 2K24, celebrates 40 years of WrestleMania with 2K Showcase of the Immortals. WWE 2K24 is perhaps the most aesthetically ravishing WWE 2K experience to date.

With incredibly lifelike representations of the athletes and the arenas, enhanced animations with more than 90% of facial expressions updated from the last installment, and the new camera features like ramp and dive cameras, as well as a chance to shift the camera throughout live gameplay in AI vs AI battles. On top of that, seven actual WWE referees are showcased to enhance the immersion.

The gameplay in WWE 2K24 has been improved all around, but the core gameplay in 2K24 follows the hardcore rules set down in both WWE 2K22 and WWE 2K23. And it's easy to see why, though. Visual Concepts appears to have struck the ideal mix between sports entertainment and gameplay for the first time since the rejuvenation. You'll find new elements like Super Finishers, the Trading Blows mini-game, top rope dives onto groups of opponents outside the ring, double title matches, Paybacks, and more. And being able to toss weapons, along with new weapon types like garbage cans, guitars, and microphones, allows you to unleash your inner destructive fury.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, Trading Blows, NoobFeed

While the core gameplay remains the same as last year's edition, from that point on, Visual Concepts has essentially made a few wise and incremental revisions. The most noticeable change to the basic rules of wrestling this year is the inclusion of trading blows and super finishes, the latter of which finally gives you a chance to show your dominance and patience. By bankrolling all three of your finishers, you unlock super finishers. These finishers encourage you to build to a leveled-up version of a superstar's ending move and set a better pace for the main event because of the time it takes to develop.

Incorporating different variants of classic moves that are now available to persistent people is an essential new feature. Because they bring the same level of theatrics and suspense as WWE, they also give you an extensive risk-reward approach, making you choose your places and invest more time. It's an ideal enhancement, given because the idea is intuitive.

Similarly, the Trading Blows feature also aims to recreate the intensity of a WWE match, although it may not be as effective. There were periods when it was difficult to gain clarity on this, such as after a light attack or a reversal. You and the other player will engage in a mini-game where you hit each other depending on turns and have to press a button within limited timeframes. If someone doesn't succeed three times, the game ends. This meets the bill once again since it unfolds as a very WWE-style brawl, guaranteed to elicit an emotional response from viewers. However, unlike spectacular finishes, I never truly felt happy or like I had accomplished anything to the fullest extent.

WWE 2K24 has introduced four different kinds of matches this year: Special Guest Referee, Casket Match, Gauntlet Match, and Ambulance Match. The hallmark of an Ambulance match is a brutal brawl between two superstars governed by strict restrictions. The match will continue until one of them is so weak that the other can drag them into the back of an ambulance, thereby ending the fight. At first, it seems like any other typical no-holds-barred combat. However, towards the end, you'll have to resort to intense button mashing to force the other player out of the ambulance and claim victory.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, Ambulance Match, NoobFeed

Additionally, the ambulance has been placed at ringside, which means it will be utilized somehow during the fight. The commentators and audience will go wild if you climb the truck and launch your opponent off the top. It's a straightforward take on the classic WWE hardcore brawl format but delivered with an unending display of flair. From what I've seen, the mode always ends with a bang as you race against the clock to seal the doors or find a way out.

Gauntlet matches also have a new addition this year with three different types: Eliminator and Turmoil modes. You can play from 4 to 30 superstars, which is insane. If you're ready to head into one, these matches surely take much patience. The Casket match, on the other hand, gives me a little bit of lingering uneasiness. For the most part, it seems to be nothing more than a minor modification to the concept of the Ambulance match. According to the concept, instead of being dropped into the ambulance's rear, your opponent is loaded into a casket placed side by side with the ring.

Not only are there new additions, but all of the modes available in 2K23 are also back. The other major match type that has returned is the upgraded Backstage Brawl, which originally disappointed even though it now has fourplay support. At first glance, the whole backstage play zone seems to have remained the same. My favorite part was the 20-foot plunge into a big, carefully designed searchlight, but I didn't find out about the newly introduced interactable until I started looking into things. Other features included a bizarrely functioning elevator and smashable glass windows.

There are tons of new interactive ways to penalize your opponent scattered over the area now. However, there is still room for improvement in the mode as a whole, especially with regard to the presentation of the opening and outro, which is lacking at the moment, and the way bouts end—you basically knock them out, which is hardly satisfactory. The upgraded backstage brawl and the ambulance fight are intense, so I had plenty of opportunity to experiment with throwable weapons, which might be a fan favorite feature for many. The new ability to aim the ringside objects or weapons directly at an opponent practically guarantees a pleasant outcome, regardless of the object—a microphone, a Kendo stick, a garbage can, or ringside steps.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, 4V4, NoobFeed

The roster of WWE 2K24 is jam-packed with legendary wrestlers like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Undertaker, and Andre the Giant, as well as current superstars like "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes, Bianca Belair, John Cena, Rhea Ripley, and Roman Reigns. At release, WWE 2K24 includes over 200 superstars, featuring current and former champions like Becky Lynch and Roman Reigns, as well as legends like Bred Hart, along with La Knight, Dominic Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Logan Paul, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, and many more, the whole roster announcement confirms – and more.

Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon, and of course, the two major exclusions are Vince McMahon and Brock Lesnar. Neither of them is playable, which is a given owing to a lawsuit featuring Lesnar filed against McMahon by former WWE employees. But they weren't absent either; they clarified that we're constantly in sync with WWE regarding how our game mirrors what's occurring in the WWE Universe. There are certain characters who appear in the historical UK showcase and the narrative-driven MyRise experience, but they aren't playable in the game.

But that's not it. A great deal of unlockable content makes this historical experience more challenging and replayable. WWE fans have been enthralled by WrestleMania for the past four decades, witnessing legendary moments like Hulk Hogan's slam on Andre the Giant and legendary matches like "Mr. WrestleMania" between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker, which have solidified their places in the WWE Hall of Fame.

As the most iconic figures in WWE made history and gave it their all on "The Grandest Stage of Them All," the over 100,000 spectators let out thunderous roars. After four decades in development, the WWE 2K24 Showcase... of the Immortals finally releases, putting you in the driver's seat as they relive the most memorable moments from WrestleMania history. 2K's signature Slingshot Tech expertly transitions between gameplay and live-action footage, creating the most absorbing WrestleMania simulation to date.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, Backstage, NoobFeed

While it's true that some game modes are superior to others, that is by no means universal. You can put your abilities to the test in different modes such as MyGM, MyFACTION, and MyRISE. MyRISE is similar to a story mode in that it gives you the options for routes that might continue either way. Compared to the previous year, MyRISE features two new storylines: Undisputed – Men and Unleashed – Women. These storylines are more immersive and entertaining than the previous year's, as they feature Cody Rhodes, Roman Reigns, a WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, and other notable figures in the combined Career Mode that lasts more than six hours.

In all plotlines, your task is to lead your character—whether you've created them from scratch or imported an existing one—as they strive to become WWE legends. You can also enhance your character's skills and acquire assignments through social media and off-stage interactions. These are some of the fundamental role-playing aspects included in this edition. With the debut of MyRISE voiceovers by Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, and Mick Foley, among others, as well as appearances by other Superstars and Legends, added rewards, the ability to transfer original MyRISE characters and unlockables to other game modes, and brand new environments, MyRISE has a greater impact on WWE 2K than any of the previous installments.

Despite its lack of appeal, MyFACTION has grown extremely popular in the sports simulation subgenre. Like NBA 2K23's MyTeam mode, this one lets you build up your squad by purchasing packs and spending money. Many players would rather pay real money in microtransactions to buy packs than gain in-game cash from completing objectives, trading, or selling cards. Though mostly unchanged from the previous version, this mode now has an Online Quickplay option to control your favorite faction and compete against other players online.

New features include an improved multiplayer experience and a card market where you can buy WWE Superstars and Legends cards directly. This mode allows you to establish their ideal four-person group by collecting, managing, and upgrading various characters. Faction Wars 2.0 has undergone a complete overhaul in the previous edition, adding additional real-world factions, more sorts of 4v4 matches, a Faction Wars-specific reward shop, and more. You can now participate in ranked online QuickPlay with unique rewards and seasonal leaderboards, test your mettle in Weekly Towers, and more.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, Faction, NoobFeed

In WWE 2K24, four distinct forms of virtual currency are exclusive to the MyFACTION mode: MyFACTION Points, MyFACTION Tokens, Virtual Currency, and Virtual Currency. As you complete matches and challenges, you'll earn MyFACTION Points. These points can be used to purchase card packs and contracts. You can earn MyFACTION Tokens when you complete matches and challenges. You can then use these tokens to purchase powerful WWE Superstar and Legend cards in the Token Rewards market.

You can only buy and spend Virtual Currency on card packs, boxes, and contracts in MyFACTION. Something to note here is that MyFACTION Points can be used to unlock anything that Virtual Currency can buy. While playing any mode other than MyFACTION, you'll earn Store Tokens. You can use these tokens in the Purchasables Store to unlock Superstars and other items that can be used in any mode other than MyFACTION.

The MyUniverse mode has been a staple of WWE games since the beginning. Additionally, the ultimate WWE Universe sandbox, which puts you amid Superstar rosters, conflicts, champions, weekly shows, and Premium Live Events, now includes expanded Rivalry actions. These actions include run-ins, Money in the Bank cash-ins, scenarios, and brawls.

Additionally, new cutscenes, support for Special Guest Referees, Double Title Matches, and a Loser Leaves Town stipulation are also included. However, even with more rivalry setup options this year, this mode will still only appeal to a few players. You have complete control over the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT rosters. This sandbox mode gets a fresh lease of life because of the abundance of content in MyUniverse, which includes multiple situations.

WWE 2K24, Review, PS5, Gameplay, Screenshots, Wresting Match, Sexy

With a few changes, last year's Creation Suite has also returned. You can now design your Superstars, general managers, arenas, entrances, move sets, championships, and more by adding new pieces and animations in WWE 2K's best-in-class, most extensive, and comprehensive creation suite. Adding the ability to bring custom venues online has expanded the already enormous breadth of the Creation Suite.

The ability to compete in any user-created online arena is the most significant update from last year. This paves the way for engine users to mimic matches with a wrestling organization different from what was initially planned. With the Creative Suite and Online Creations modes, you can tweak the appearance and skills of wrestlers, add or remove them from the roster, and completely customize the look and feel of the WWE. It remains cross-platform playable, and in multiplayer modes, you can now utilize user-created arenas. The creative suite remains an enthralling and resourceful bundle except for the loading duration.

From a presentational standpoint, WWE 2K24 follows all the expected progressive steps, improving upon previous attempts to replicate WWE's sites, sounds, and superstars. The game's incredibly realistic graphics bring out the characters' lifelike entrances and signature moves. There was nothing that jumped out at me as a huge upgrade, but the commentary was slightly better for tiny nuances in the animation and interaction of items. Additionally, a second camera viewpoint is now available so that you can face the ramp as in real-life WWE bouts.

Everything may appear minor at first glance, but keep in mind that these are the incremental improvements needed to build upon an existing product and get nearer to the perfect WWE video game. As for the audio, the sound engineering is nearly perfectly done. The sound of plays hitting each other, kicking, smashing on the ground, or the impact of hitting with an object is just like real life. When you're watching any of your replays, you'd probably think it's an actual WWE event if only measured by the sounds and commentary.


While both 2K and Visual Concepts have made great strides with the WWE Series, WWE 2K24 has all the makings of a classic in the genre. The return of Yuke's with AEW: Fight Forever has given Visual Concepts something the fans have been waiting for: a rivalry. When a rival company comes knocking on their doors, the developers will feel increased pressure to accomplish even more than they already have.

Looking at WWE 2K24 thus far, it seems like they're relying a lot on that successful formula from WWE 2K22, and now we might be seeing even more improvements. With everything being said, it is undeniable that WWE 2K24 proves to be successful in every conceivable way. With its impressive graphics, realistic simulation, and plenty of gaming features, WWE 2K24 is undeniably a fantastic game. Those who are passionate about wrestling or who follow WWE will find that WWE 2K24 is a purchase that is well worth making.


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