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Play it to have a feeling to see how is like to play the pioneer of the fighting genre, but do not expect much from it.

By canana, Posted 13 Feb 2011

This is a SNK classic, it started two of the main series of the company's fight: Fatal Fury (Garou Densetsu in Japan) and The King Of Fighters. The first Fatal Fury game released in 1991, has many elements of the company's first fighting game, Street Smart, including the same graphic style and even the songs came from the 1989's game. Fatal Fury has only three playable characters, the brothers Terry and Andy Bogard and their friend Joe Higashi. Together they enter the King Of Fighters tournament.

Joe wants to prove he is the strongest fighter in the world and the Bogard brothers are behind the secret of the tournament organizer, the leader of organized crime in the city of Southtown, Geese Howard. Geese killed the father of Terry and Andy when they were young and they are seeking for revenge.

The game has its importance within the history of fighting games and the history of SNK, but technically speaking, it has more errors than hits. An unbalanced game with gameplay issues, poor graphics and barely animated characters. Scenarios are few details and very poor in color and animation. The sprites repeat themselves grossly in all scenarios.

Fatal Fury Review

For fighting games that were new in the early 90s, this game had a great response, which encouraged the SNK to make a sequel, and that truly deserves to be played. The sound of the game is in constant good songs. The sound effects and the voices are just acceptable.

In short: Fatal Fury is a game that has marked its place in the history of fighting games by the name that carries more than its quality. Of course for a fighting game with only 55 megabytes of memory, you could not expect much in the graphics, but if SNK wanted to deal with Street Fighter 2 it should have been better.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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General Information

Platform(s): PS3
Publisher(s): SCEA
Developer(s): SNK Playmore
Genres: 2D Fighting
Themes: Arcade
Release Date: 2010-12-21

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