Mass Effect 3: Omega

Mass Effect 3: Omega is currently the best addition to this already incredible game.

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Nov 2012

When Commander Shepard first found Aria in Mass Effect 3 she was angrily lamenting about losing her beloved city of Omega to the ultra-radical human organization Cerberus. Now she is done planning and has decided to retake her city with the aid Commander Shepard. Mass Effect 3: Omega won’t leave you stunned at the end as Leviathan did but the journey with Omega’s infamous leader to retake the black market station is worth every penny. 

Like pervious downloadable content Mass Effect 3: Omega starts with an email sent to Commander Shepard’s private terminal. Aria has requested that Shepard assist her in retaking Omega from Cerberus by providing ground support, and in exchange will give her full support in the war with the Reapers. To accomplish this task Shepard and Aria must face one of Cerberus’s most brilliant agent, General Oleg Petrovsky. Confident in his abilities Petrovsky has proven to be a formidable opponent and won’t give up his position without a fight. 

You won’t be able to take any of your allies on the Normandy along for the ride. Instead you’ll have to rely on Aria’s legendary biotic powers and tenacity to push your way through hordes of Cerberus soldiers. A female turian named Nyreen Kandros also aids you in your quest to retake Omega and acts as your paragon to Aria’s renegade. Both provide necessary combat capabilities and the dialogue between the two add extra enjoyment. You find any stellar lore when traversing the complicated station, but where Omega fails to deliver in story it makes up in gameplay. 

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Unlike Leviathan or From Ashes Omega doesn’t funnel Shepard from one room to another with tawdry objectives and repetitive fights. Instead each mission has a purpose in retaking the lawless city and provides new adversaries to keep combat from getting stale. New Cerberus enemies like the Rampart Mech. and an artificially created Reaper called Adjutant offer new challenges during battle. The environments are tailored to house intense firefights by including visual pleasing settings, environmental hazards, and multiple levels. Sometimes these battles won’t end with a bullet but with a difficult decision, one in particular has you choosing between thousands of civilians and the Aria’s safety. 

Mass Effect 3: Omega is currently the best addition to this already incredible game. Although it doesn’t add anything spectacular to the Mass Effect lore as Leviathan or From Ashes it was exciting nevertheless. The new opposition and integrate environments allow for some great battles that put the other two to shame. Mass Effect 3: Omega doesn’t end on a high note at the conclusion of this three hour conquest. But participating in liberation of this hollow asteroid is worth taking.  

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