Battlefield 1 Nivelle Nights Update Now Live

Battlefield 1 gets its first night map and a handful of other tweaks and changes.

By Woozie, Posted 21 Jun 2017

Continuing the series of planned updates, Battlefield 1 has received a new map. Available to Premium users, or people who've purchased They Shall Not Pass individually, and friends of said users during periods when Premium Friends is active, Nivelle Nights brings a nocturnal clash between the French and German armies in trenches and over a secton of no man's land.The new map isn't the sole addition, however.

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A new highlight for best squad will be shown at the end match screen, in an attempt to further incentivize teamplay. The NO killtrade distance has been increased from 10m to 20m. The Ribeyrolles now has a single fire mode, in accordance to its description. Frontlines, the new mode that came with They Shall Not Pass, is now playable on Amiens and Argonne Forest. The Battlefield website has the full patch notes, as always.

Have a look at Adam's Battlefield 1 Review. He enjoyed the game quite a bit.

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