I had some spare time!

By RON, Posted 06 Jul 2009

The activity of the site was pretty low for last couple of days and I decided to spend some time reviewing few old games that I really loved. Here’s the first of many. Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.




There was another reason for me to write this review. Max Payne 3 is coming and here’s where we are discussing it. Feel free to join if you are interested :)

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  • Already commented on the review. Thanks for the heads up. I posted a review today as well, happy to see that it has a preview photo :)

    Posted Jul 06, 2009
  • Already told you my opinion about the review, I hope you can improve on them. I only played the first game I it wasn't bad at all.

    Posted Jul 06, 2009
  • I was still alive, my loved ones were still dead.

    Posted Jul 06, 2009
  • Very good review Ron :).  I need to play this game.

    Posted Jul 06, 2009
  • You had spare time? Man , that's like a miracle :P

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • yes i did notice the inactiviy. I'm rather puzzled but it won't last long. I think i'll have chapter 10 up tonight. Some insane ideas came to mind earlier today so i'm going to work :)

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • Commented there.

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • I can't say I've ever tried Max Payne... the only RockStar game I'm interested in is GTA3.

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • avatar RON

    @Ilias: Most of your reviews are going unnoticed by me. I'm going to find some time tonight and will finish few of 'em :)

    @canana: Thanks for your advice. Keep them coming :)

    @Woozie: lol. I actually had some spare time and as usual you weren't online.:o

    @Moroes: I thought you'd have played it. Must buy if you like action games :)

    @knight: Didn't last too long. The traffic is coming back :)

    @Din: Well, I won't push you for this but Max Payne is a super series. You might love this game if you like action games :)

    @Nirvana: That's my real life motto :o

    @Tanya: thanks :)

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • Is that so?OMG..SurprisedTongue out

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • see! it was just a red light holding them back... i think it's broken on green again

    Posted Jul 07, 2009
  • Great series! Definitely worth replaying

    Posted Jul 08, 2009

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