5 Things You Should Know About Spider-Man PS4

What you should know about Spider-Man PS4

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Aug 2018

Spider-Man PS4 is less than a month away and it has garnered a lot of notoriety since its debut back at E3 2017, and most recently with the subway promotional train at NYC's MTA shuttle from Times Square to 42nd Street. However, there are some things you should know about Spider-Man PS4 before it launches. Here are 5 things you should know about Spider-Man PS4.

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5. Experienced Spider-Man

Don't go into Spider-Man PS4 expecting an origin story. In this adventure, Peter has been dawning the red suit for a while now and even took down the crime boss the Kingpin. What we're experiencing is the aftermath of that accomplishment and those who hate Spider-Man becoming much more desperate in taking him down.

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4. Spider-Man Isn't the Only Playable Character

Spider-Man PS4 may star the web crawler but he won't be the only playable character during the adventure. We will get the chance to take control of Peter Parker but also the girl next door Mary Jane Watson. No gameplay has been shown of how she'll play but it has been hinted in trailers that she'll take a more stealth approach during her sequences.

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3. All Pre-Order Suits Are Unlockable

If you're still on the wall whether to purchase Spider-Man PS4 and haven't pre-ordered the game, don't worry. You can unlock all the extra pre-order suits. Those who pre-order the game will instantly gain access to the Iron Spider, Spider-Punk, and Velocity Suit but everyone else will have to earn those suits.

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2. You Can Change the Weather and Time of Day After Completing the Game

During the course of the adventure, the time of day and weather will change to accommodate the story mission currently happening. After completing the game players can free-roam through NYC to collecting bags, complete side missions, and stop crime. In addition, players can change the weather and time of day after completing the game to their heart's content. 

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1. Crimes Will Change As You Progress Through the Game

One of the most common complaints about past Spider-Man games was the repetitive open-world crimes that would happen, especially in Spider-Man 2 back in 2004. However, Spider-Man PS4 won't have the same issue as crimes will change over the course of the adventure. Considering that Spider-Man will be facing more powerful villains as the game proceeds and attacks his image by Norman Osborn and J.J. Jameson we can expect a lot more criminals to become confident in committing crimes.

Spider-Man PS4 launches this September 7th for PS4.

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