Devil May Cry 5 How to Defeat Urizen Sin Dante Fight

Rematch with Urizen

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Mar 2019

After losing to Urizen Dante returns to save Nero in his new form. However, this doesn't make Urizen any easier. Here's how to defeat the demon lord.

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Urizen will now be able to walk and use his spiked tentacles for tracking attacks. The spikes being used with glow and follow Dante, the key here is to avoid them till they retract than attack. The priority here is to charge your sin devil trigger for fatal damage. 

During his final 1/3 of health Urizen will summon Yamato to aid himself. This will create that annoying spiked barrier, which you have to take down while everything is happening. Use Trickster to avoid damage and generate DT meter by dodging at the right time. You can use Royal Guard as well if you're confident enough. 

Use sin devil trigger whenever it's up and dive as much damage as possible against Urizen.

Devil May Cry V is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Check out our review here.

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