Devil May Cry 5 How to Defeat Griffon, Shadow, and Nightmare

Defeat Vergil's familiars

By Grayshadow, Posted 13 Mar 2019

Throughout Devil May Cry V V has been using his familiar's to aid him in battle. However, now they want Dante dead after splitting from V following his assimilation. Free from Vergil they reveal they're the memories of Vergil when he was Nelo Angelo and hold a strong hatred for Dante because of this. Here's how to defeat the Familiars. 

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First off, the familiars will use the same attacks as they were with V regardless if you fully upgraded them or not. You'll fight Griffon first. The bird will use a combination of long-range electric burst but like his original self needs charging time before he can use the powerful attacks. Swordmaster and Gunslinger will make short work of this bird, especially when you stalemate him. Eventually, he'll run.

After you face Griffon take the right path and head up to destroy 1 of 3 roots. You need to destroy all 3 or the last battle will be harder.

Next up, Shadow. The panther is a deadly close range fighter but lacks range. If you're cautious you can use Gunslinger to take him down but he can be easily stunned if you inflict heavy melee damage quickly. When he starts to act like a Pirahna Plant, leap into the air before he chomps on you.

After Shadow runs head up the cliff and go right, not left. You'll see another root.

The final fight before the real boss will have you facing the 2. Again, they're not hard. If you were paying attention when you were playing as V their animations will be easy to read and you already know what works best. 

Head up the cliff but head right once again and leap to the platform. You can see the final roots on the other platform, destroy it. This will cause the final platform to fall if they stayed the familiars could use them to recover health.

The final battle will have all 3 familiars fighting but only Nightmare matters. Like the others, Nightmare will use the same attacks as he was with V. The Laser and slow punches, both easily avoided. Just avoid the laser's tracking area and hit Nightmare from the back. The issue now is that you have to deal with Griffon and Shadow.

Nightmare will leave the field after a 1/3 of its health drops than on a timer. The first time requires you to take out either Griffon or Shadow, choose whatever is easier for you. At that time Nightmare will reappear. When Nightmare gets Stalemated, hit him with everything or he'll recover.

Devil May Cry V is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Check out our review here.

Qliphoth Roots
Elder Geryon Knight
Urizen first battle
Cavaliere Angelo
Urizen second fight
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Griffon, Shadow, Nightmare
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