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How to defeat the guardian of the Underworld

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Jun 2019

Cerberos is the first boss you'll encounter in Torment of Hades. This three-headed dog should not be taken lightly, here's how to defeat the Guardian of the Underworld.

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Cerberus' primary attack is his long-range fire blast. The dog has an incredible aim and can shoot rapidly, making arrow attacks very hard to hit with. Instead, go for close range. But be warned when you get close, Cerberos will perform a ground pound. This can be easily avoided by dodging.

Cerberus cannot attack from behind and must be facing you to attack. When in this position the dog will attempt to face you or run off for another long-range blast. The key is to remain at its side. In this position, Cerberos will constantly try to shift its body to you either by a ground pound or a simple turn.

When at half health Cerberos will start using a close-range fire breath. This attack can be easily avoided by heading to the creature's butt. When you see its month glowing, dodge left or right.

Use your spear keep attacking from the sides and Cerberos will fall.



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