Found in the northern part of the Scorched Lands Perseus the Gorgon Slayer is 1 of the Fallen the player must recruit. Here's how to defeat the legendary warrior in Torment of Hades.

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You can open the fight with a stealth attack since Perseus will be facing towards the door. Once done, he'll shoot into the air and start shooting energy blast at you. Dodge these by moving in an unpredictable pattern. 

Once to the floor, Perseus will teleport away. Catch him and start using melee attacks. Don't range far or he'll keep shooting energy blasts.

Perseus does have a poison-tipped blade, so you'll want to avoid being hit. Dodge counter attack but try to avoid being aggressive with your hits. Perseus won't use any more attacks other than the energy beams and teleportation throughout the fight. Simply stay within range and attack when you gain an opening.



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