Ori and the Will of the Wisps Boss Guide - Mora

How to defeat the giant spider in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Mar 2020

Howl and the Horn Beetle have been easy pickings for Ori in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Now the light spirit has a real challenger to defeat, the Spider Queen Mora.

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Mora has 4 phases during this fight. The first is a basic fight between Ori and herself. Your primary goal is attacking her head. If you need a good evasion opportunity you can destroy the purple sack on the left side of the arena on the roof but you shouldn't need it. It'll drop down a grapple point.

Keep Mora on either side of the arena. Do not allow her and Ori to be in separate sides of the arena or she'll start to use powerful long-range acid attacks. Such as a laser and small projectiles that can be Bash back to her.

Mora has 3 primary closer range attacks. 2 variants of ground pounds that shoot acid in both directions after making contact with the ground. And a large ground pound when Ori is next to the wall. This is the attack you want to trigger since it provides the best opportunity to attack. You should always hit her head when the opportunity arises.

Once enough damage is dealt Mora will knock down the wall to the second half of the arena. She can also summon adds to aid in battle. But if you're quick enough you can trigger the next phase of the fight before that happens. If she does summon adds you'll have to kill them or they will follow you to the 4th phase of the fight. Other than that Mora will use the same attacks.

During the 3rd phase, Mora will go into panic mode and a chase sequence will start. Using the Bash ability, head up using the plant points and follow the pre-determined path. 

The 4th phase is the same as the second, only with a larger arena and no grapple point. As before, keep on Mora and don't allow her to create distance. When Mora's health reaches 15% she'll cover the arena in darkness. Using your Flash ability and if you need Energy, there's 1 crystal on the right side of the arena. Keep attacking before she can kill you or your Energy drains.

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