Ori and the Will of the Wisps Boss Guide - Shriek

Defeat the broken soul Shriek

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Mar 2020

It's time, Shriek has to be taken down. Despite Ori being sympathetic to its tragic upbringing the creature is a danger to everyone and must be put down. Here's how to defeat the stone owl.

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Shriek has 4 major phases, each with a checkpoint. The first phase will have Shriek attacking from the air, using shockwaves triggered by bashing its wings on the floor and leaping into the air for aerial attacks. As with Kwolok if you have Quickshot, Overcharge, Lifeforce, Reckless, Splinter, and Finesse this fight will be way easier. As you'll need to hit Shriek's head and melee strikes, while not useless, it will place Ori in a dangerous position as it requires Launch to reach it. 

Dealing 1/3 of damage will cause Shriek to chase Ori through a series of platforming challenges. Be mindful as Shriek will attack at specific times during this chase. Memorize the attack pattern and avoid being hit.

During the next phase, Shriek will open with an AOE screech on the left side of the arena. It's best to unequip Splinter here as you'll need the range for the rest of the fight. Hit her a few times before she can fly away. At this point, Shriek will perform random aerial and projectile attacks.

When Shriek uses aerial attacks a dark aura will appear to show where she'll attack. Use Launch to avoid this. You can use the lower side of the arena for blocking most of her attacks but the cloud of mist will rise if you stay there too long. And Shriek will appear to attack that specific part of the arena as well.

You'll only have brief moments to attack Shriek as she'll retreat with each attack. The best opportunities are after an aerial attack or screech as it's easier to dodge and gives you time to counterattack. You can use melee but it's ideal to use Light Burst and your bow.

The final phase is where all your skills are tested. Shriek will launch a series of falling projectiles and break the arena in 4 attacks. Remain on the right side of the platform to avoid her aerial charge, the projected, and her final 4 attacks. Next, use the projectiles to keep Ori airborne but also avoid Shriek's aerial attacks. These won't follow a pattern and she'll attack when Ori is going to be. First horizontally and then diagonally. After which she'll be exposed for an attack. You should take her out here, if not prepare or pain or death.

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