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Welcome to yet another update from our Youtube Followers.

By RON, Posted 30 Oct 2011

Today we are going to show some videos from two of our followers.

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At first let’s check out what TheNextLevelG4ming has been up to lately. Interestingly the channel has been putting Dubstep tracks in its videos for greater enjoyment. Yes all the videos shown here from TheNextLevelG4ming has Dubstep track included.

Fifa 11 UT Quadrage
This is just a gameplay video of four members in the group showing their skills in Fifa 11. There are indeed some good looking long range goals in this video. Good be good video to show in TV when there is promotional thing going. Unfortunately it is Fifa 11. Maybe they can come up something more with Fifa 12.

Speed Art – Battlefield 3
If you are bored with the current Battlefield 3 bluish background (which also includes you playing the game for hours like me) you may consider the background art made by them. They are offering you a tutorial of wallpaper giving a different look in Battlefield 3 (more reddish). Thanks to them your eyes may not be fully exposed to constant blue aura coming out from your monitor.

Speed Art – Baird (Gears of War)
If anyone like Baird from Gears of War, this one is you.

Note: These guys are offering you custom desktop background or logo. If you want something for yourself just send a message to them.

Next, we come to our second & NEW Youtube Partner pintojr06. Let us introduce Carlos Pinto Jr a.k.a. “Cpj”. He usually puts in gameplay videos of old and new games. We are very happy to have him with our banner and he has also promised to deliver us more and more awesome gameplay videos in future. He is also taking requests from you all too so if you have anything in mind you know where to find him.

NBA 2K12 My Player – Vs (NY) (MIL) Highlights (HD)
The video show some sweet replay shots from the game. The compilation is pretty neat indeed. So for people who like basketball, this is what you are looking for.

The next two videos are not meant for people who still haven’t played or playing Batman: Arkham City since it might spoil the fun. However if you are facing problems passing through then I guess you can take reference from his channel. There is a series of videos of the walkthrough of the game. The following videos are part of the walkthrough (during the last stages of the game):



So that’s all for now. NoobFeed will be back with future updates from these YouTube talents.

Rubayyat Akbar, NoobFeed

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