The Nintendo 2DS Can Be Successful

The Nintendo 2DS isn’t as terrible as people initially made it seem.

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Oct 2013

Recently Nintendo unveiled their new model for the Nintendo 3DS called the Nintendo 2DS. This revision of the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t have the stereoscopic 3D display feature and will not feature the popular folding design of other variations in the DS library. The system will have a motion sensor, play 3DS titles in 2D only and DS games, gyro sensor, and inner and outer cameras. A lot of negative comments began to sprout about the Nintendo 2DS, assuming the device was doom to failure before it’s in October 12 for $129.99. But if you look at the system’s intended audience you’ll notice that system is not designed for people like me, but for young children. It’s still the same great system that Nintendo has been selling since 2011: it’s just gained some weight, lost its 3D feature, and specifically designed for young children.

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People immediately noticed that the Nintendo 2DS design is largely different from the 3DS and started to criticize Nintendo for it. The system isn’t design for the notorious folding design from past Nintendo DS models; instead it’s one entire flat handheld and quite bulky. After having multiple DS systems the one constant issue I would worry about is the hinges on the system breaking or the shell cracking. The Nintendo 2DS seems to solve issue by removing the folding capabilities and increasing its size. Although it doesn’t have the added protection of being folded the system itself seems to be padded enough that if the person holding it drops the device it won’t suffer any extensive damage. I was perplexed that they didn’t decide to include a second analog stick but I assume it’s to maintain the same layout as the original. The overall the design seems sturdy and strong enough to withstand heavy abuse.

The shape and size was another large concern for those looking for portability for their portable handheld system. However, the recommended age of the device’s user is below 10 years old and not someone who carries multiple items in their pockets. This system was designed primarily to be used by children instead of adults and looks like something that would go in a backpack instead of a pocket. Since this is something designed specifically for children it brings me to my next point, which is their value play. Since its $40 this could encourage parents to purchase this for their children over other devices, without ostracizing them from purchasing titles from the 3DS market. After all with fall and winter coming soon Nintendo is looking for more reasons why consumers should spend money on their products without totally isolating them from modern items.

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The biggest sacrifice here is the lack of a stereoscopic 3D display. This was the biggest feature of the Nintendo 3DS, in addition to the analog stick, but it was complimented with complaints of eye strain when used for long periods of time. But Nintendo didn’t remove other popular features of the 3DS such as online play, improved interface, and the enhanced graphics. The $40 price cut easily justifies why this function was removed but long exposure to 3D effects can lead to fatigue. By removing the function all together parents who worry about their children either bypassing the security program or abusing the feature can rest easier knowing that it’s not included within the 2DS.

This brings me to my last point; this is Nintendo’s latest handheld console at a bargain price. The Nintendo 3DS is a wonderful piece of technology that has fanciful library of incredible games and with the price cut of the PS Vita Nintendo no longer has the same gapping advantage, especially if you plan to invest on an XL model. The Nintendo 2DS maintains the same features that made the Nintendo 3DS such a great system, without sacrificing anything major, that can cause consumers to overlook Sony’s handheld.

The Nintendo 2DS isn’t as terrible people initially made it seem. Instead it’s a cheaper model of a modern handheld system that is filled with a large assortment of excellent titles that doesn’t sacrifice a lot of popular functions of the original system. With the 2DS Nintendo has provided consumers access to a modern system for those seeking a great gift for a young relative or friend that can take punishment and deliver a delightful experience. With Nintendo offering a refined model their newest handheld console for only $129.99 it’s an enticing offer, especially with the next-generation consoles coming out this fall for over $400.

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