Most Anticipated Games 2010 #1

Now that 2009 is over and the New Year is already upon us; I thought it appropriate to compile a list of our Most Anticipated Games of 2010.

By fishdalf, Posted 07 Jan 2010

Now that 2009 is over and the New Year is already upon us; I thought it appropriate to compile a list of our Most Anticipated Games of 2010 and when we might actually get to see them. It’s definitely set to be an exciting year for gaming, with Project Natal looming, the Wii MotionPlus gaining momentum and Sony brimming full of confidence.

Bayonetta (PS3, 360)
The first game in our feature will probably be the first game most of us end up playing on the list, as it’s set for an early January release. The game has been directed by Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe creator, Hideki Kamiya, and that alone will make many stand up and take notice. You take on the title role and use a combination of pistols and magical attacks, as well as all of the usual hops, skips and jumps found in modern action games, as you navigate your way through the various settings. There’s also the unique element of being able to slow down time, which may be an over-used ability in games of late, but looks to be implemented well here.

As its release is so near many publications – including Japanese publication Famitsu – have already critiqued the game, giving it glowing reviews and a score of 40 out of 40 on the Xbox 360, and a slightly lower 38 out of 40 on the PlayStation 3. It doesn’t seem like they’re alone in their views either, and the popularity of this game is spreading like wildfire, and is fast becoming the first surprise package of the year.

Gran Turismo 5 (PS3)
It’s one of the most drawn-out affairs in gaming history – the release of Gran Turismo 5. Many expected to see the game as early as the fall of 2007, then we were almost certain we’d see it towards the middle part of 2008, then it was the fall of 2008. It dragged on and the farce continued until it was strongly hinted that we’d see the game in the fall of 2009, but once again we were left disappointed. Now Sony has announced that Japan will see the game on March 31, 2010, with North America and Europe to be announced at a later date, possibly in the Summer. Whether you believe this or not is up to you, we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

The delay is most-likely down to designer Kazunori Yamauchi’s vision of creating a game with over 1000 vehicles in total, a staggering number considering the amount of time and detail put into each one. The game will also be the first in the series’ history to include car damage, although to what extent is currently unknown. It’s likely that this will include race and rally cars only, although this could also be one of the main reasons for pushing back its release. The team at Polyphony are perfectionists and I’m sure they’ll be doing everything in their power to make this the best and most comprehensive racing game in history.

BioShock 2 (PS3, 360, PC)
This is a game with an absolutely massive pressure on its shoulders, and we were not surprised that the release date was pushed back to February 9, 2010. Nobody expected the first game to do what it did; it swept across the industry and left everyone trailing in its magnificence. Now 2K Games have to attempt the daunting task of making everything bigger and better, and with the element of surprise removed they’ll have to step it up and try to incorporate some innovative gameplay elements if they are to impress on anywhere near the scale they did first time around.

BioShock 2 is set ten years after the events of the first game, and Rapture is now controlled Sofia Lamb – A woman whose ideals are set to threaten its community once again. Sofia has created an army of ‘Big Sister’s’ as enforcers and these will be one of the most difficult enemies you will face yet. On your journey as the original Big Daddy, you’ll also encounter ‘Little Sister’s’ that can aid you on your journey. They also will serve as a warning when a ‘Big Sister’ is coming by chanting the rather daunting "Mr. B, Mr. B, Big Sister doesn't want you playing with me..."

God of War III (PS3)
Yet another sequel, but that seems to be the theme for 2010. God of War III is the final installment in the series, both in release and chronological to the overall plot. While the last pieces of the story are currently unknown; you will flex your muscles as Kratos once again. It’s been strongly hinted that it will mark the end of Greek mythology, as the Gods and Titans do battle, and be absolute Hell on Earth. We’ll have more information on this as the release date looms ever-closer.

The game is set for a March, 2010 release, with the designer stating that they’re in the final stages now, adding the last few finishing touches to their product. An Ultimate Trilogy Edition that includes God of War III, as well as re-mastered HD versions of the older two games, as well as a bunch of exclusive content has already been confirmed. We’ve also been promised a fair bit of downloadable content through the PlayStation Network, including various character skins and even a documentary chronicling the series. It seems they’re pulling out all the stops to cap off what’s been a truly memorable adventure.

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Craig Bryan, NoobFeed

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  • Good list Bayonetta is getting some good reviews so this year is already off to a good start
    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • I don't know if I want to try out Bayonetta. But it looks fun regardless. I'm anticipating God of War III and Bioshock on this list. :D

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • Might personally give it a little rent and fly through it.

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • Bioshock and Mass Effect II ... <3.

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • BioShock 2 is going to be amazing the orginal is a classic and is one of my favourite games ever i cant wait

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • this is your personal list? kinda short :P


    you missed some obvious ones like final fantasy XIII :P

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • I was expecting GT5 to be released in 09. It's been many years now that I've been waiting for it :x Bioshock2 is another game I'm definitely going to pick up.

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • @BrunoBRS : That may show up in the part #2.

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

  • I'm definitely getting 3/4 of the games in that list, since Bayonetta has to stay away and I have to make some savings to get all the games I want, when I want :P Bring on cars, Big Sisters and Kratos :D

    Posted Jan 08, 2010

  • @Sleven - i'm pretty sure that "#1" wasn't there when i first clicked the topic ¬¬

    Posted Jan 08, 2010

  • Not to rain on your parade but it's been there all along >___>

    Posted Jan 08, 2010

  • These are all definitely going to be very good games.

    Posted Jan 08, 2010

  • Gran Turismo is an amazing series if a little hard should i purchase 5 hmm

    Posted Jan 08, 2010

  • Fair Enough..:P

    Posted Jan 20, 2010

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