Unlock Everything in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

Find out how to unlock all the stages and characters in Super Smash Bros. 3DS

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Oct 2014

When you start playing Super Smash Bros. the first thing you'll notice is all the unlockable. Characters and stages are waiting to be revealed for playing the game, but if you're in a hurry to get everything this list will help you.

Character Unlock Guide

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Every 10 matches you play in Smash Mode will unlock a new character, this also counts in online matches. 


10 Matches 


20 Matches


30 Matches


40 Matches

Dark Pit

50 Matches 

Dr. Mario

60 Matches 


70 Matches


80 Matches

Mr. Game & Watch

90 Matches 

Bowser Jr.

100 Matches 

Dunk Hunt

110 Matches


120 Matches

Alternative Character Unlock Methods

Playing Smash Mode and online matches isn't the only way to unlock these characters.


Beat Classic mode for the first time on any intensity


Beat Classic mode for the second time on any intensity

Dark Pit

Beat Classic mode for the third time on any intensity

Duck Hunt 

Beat Classic mode for the tenth time on any intensity

Mr. Game & Watch  

Beat Classic mode with ten fighters on any intensity


Beat Classic mode for the twenty-fifth time on any intensity


Collect 200 trophies, then play a match in Smash mode or beat Classic mode on any intensity


Beat Classic mode with Marth or Robin on any intensity

Dark Pit

Beat Classic Mode as Palutena or Pit

Dr. Mario

Beat Classic Mode as Mario at 5.0 intensity


Beat Classic Mode as Link at 5.0 intensity

Bowser Jr.

Beat Classic Mode as Bowser at 6.0 intensity


Complete 100-Man Smash

Tips for Unlock Characters

Unlocking multiple characters in one attempt will only allow you to challenge one character. For example if you lost your previous match with a hidden character than meet the requirements to challenge Duck Hunt you can only face one. To face the next challenger beat the character and win a standard 1 versus 1 match in order to face the other character.

If you lose the match you can rematch the same character. Simply win a 1 versus 1 match on any difficultly using any character.

Stage Unlock List

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After fulfilling the requirements to unlock all the characters you'll want to all the stages. Unlocking all the stages will also uncover a square on the Challenges screen.


Unlock Ness

WarioWare Inc

Unlock Wario


Use Pac-Man's Final Smash

Balloon FIght

Use Villager three times


Use Kirby's Final Smash

Mute City

Win 3 Smash Battles with Captain Falcon

Flat Zone 2

Unlock Mr. Game & Watch and unlock the 2nd Challenge Page

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