Ask The Dalf: Xmas Special

All we know is that he's called The Dalf...

By fishdalf, Posted 30 Dec 2010

Some say it's he who guides Santa's sleigh at night with his built-in satellite navigation system and that if you grab both ends of him and pull a small treat will fall out. All we know is that he's called The Dalf...

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How did The Dalf spend Christmas?
How else does a semi-fictional blogger spend the festive season? ,getting drunk and shouting abuse at old people and throwing snow balls at children until they cry. No, not really. I’m not entirely real. Just like…

Does Santa play video games?
I’m of firm belief he plays World of Warcraft. How else can you explain someone vanishing for 364 days of the year?

Tell me something I didn’t know about you.
Did you know that Ask The Dalf is an anagram of Elf Had Task? A startling coincidence or something more? I’ll let you be the judge of that.
PS. I have a third nipple, but not only that, I also have a fourth.

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, what does this mean?
It means the Santa in question was in fact your father or a semi-related acquaintance, and that Santa Claus – similar to the hope that we will one day see a great video game-based movie - is in fact a myth.

Well, Resident Evil wasn’t so bad I guess.

Will there be any game of the year award program of NoobFeed this year?
There sure will, in fact we should see one up in the next couple of weeks. Beyond that a most anticipated games of 2011 feature will likely follow.

Tell me a cheesy joke from a Christmas cracker.
Not really a question, but ok here goes: What did the grape say when it was stood on? Nothing. It just let out a little wine.

What are your ‘big tips’ for the 2011 game of the year?
Trying not to step on the toes of an upcoming feature, here are a few of the games I’m expecting big thing’s from:

Bulletstorm – Looks a well put together first-person shooter with an edge to it. Those sorts of games tend to go down well and this one should be no different.

Diablo III – A game that has been in development, off and on, for ten years. There are a lot of people hoping this game will be something special, as do I.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – It will be there or thereabouts. The sweet sixteenth instalment of the series and it’s looking pretty impressive so far.

GTA 5 – While it hasn’t been officially confirmed for a 2011 release, I’m going to stick my neck out and say we should see it before the years end.

What’s the biggest lie you ever told?
That I have a third and fourth nipple.

What’s your New Years resolution?
To help and inform you, the good people, for another year. Not because I’m locked up and being forced to against my will, or anything.

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  • That 3rd and 4th nipple thingy was too funny and whether Santa plays games or not. lmfao.

    Posted Dec 31, 2010

  • Biggest lie just made my early afternoon lol

    Posted Dec 31, 2010

  • What’s the biggest lie you ever told?

    That I have a third and fourth nipple.

    How disappointing! :P

    Posted Jan 01, 2011

  • Woot! Nice to see my question answers, I have always wondered it Santa played games....should have known that it was WoW. Thanks Dalf ;)

    Posted Jan 01, 2011

  • This feature made my morning!! I just woke up!!! Now I am happy to do anything else!!!

    Posted Jan 02, 2011

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