Metroid Prime Trilogy May Release on Nintendo Switch According to Leak

Metroid Prime Trilogy may come to Nintendo Switch

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Apr 2020

Metroid Prime 4 currently has no expected release date since Nintendo restarted the entire project. However, the Nintendo Switch has been benefitting from the release of older titles so it's not too outlandish to think Nintendo would rerelease the old trilogy to keep interests alive for the 4th game. With a post by Twitter User McTrOiD, man that's hard to type, showing a posting from Best Buy for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Switch.

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There’s currently a listing on Best Buy for the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch...don’t do this to me...

— McTrOiD (@McTroid) April 19, 2020

The games are timeless and have aged very well, often considered some of the best action-adventure FPS games of its generation. Even the visuals still hold up today, but not so much the multiplayer of Metroid Prime 2. Which should be forgotten.

The trilogy is now available on Wii and Wii U. 

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