Rumor: Xbox Showcase Coming this May, Possible Reveal of Project Lockhart

New Xbox Series X may be revealed this May

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Apr 2020

A new rumor has been spreading across the internet. With Microsoft having revealed their Xbox Series X many still wonder if the cheaper model with a new rumor stating that Microsoft will reveal Project Lockhart this May.

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According to Windows Central, this new Xbox Series X will be a lower-priced Xbox Series X with 4TF and limited access to next-generation features. In addition, a new Xbox Stereo Headset is being tested for a fully wireless experience and is compatible with PC through Bluetooth. This is expected to be an entry-level headset.

With E3 2020 canceled and Gamescom's live event no longer happening Microsoft and Sony are using digital reveals to showcase the new consoles. Such as Sony recently showing off the new DualSense controller.

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