id Software Confirms that Mick Gordon Isn't Working With Development Team on DOOM Eternal's DLC

id Software provides a statement on the DOOM Eternal soundtrack situation

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 May 2020

DOOM Eternal's soundtrack dispute overtook the DOOM community's social media channels following Mick Gordon's statements on the matter. With Mick stating he likely won't be working with id in the future, to many gamers and apparently developer id Software's surprise. To which id Software's executive producer decided to take to Reddit to explain the situation in a detailed statement from Mick's Tweet, the entire production, decisions, and finally the choice not to work with Mick on DOOM Eternal's upcoming DLC.

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The statement is long but worth the entire read. The cliff notes is that Mick was provided a certain completion date to ensure that the tracks were ready for the release of DOOM Eternal's Collector's Edition. Since the product was promised to include the entire soundtrack the OST needed to be available at launch to not violate Consumer Protection Laws in various countries. Mick asked for an extension on February 24th and was granted it but was delayed again in early March.

id was concerned that Mick would not make the deadline and Audio Designer Chad was asked to create a "back-up plan" if Mick did not deliver on time. Chad then edited the tracks and many people took notice when looking at the wavelengths. According to the post, id received the music in fragments and combined in real-time as the player played through DOOM Eternal.

Apparently, Mick suggested that he and Chad work on making a back-up that combined their work. Moving down the article the post quoted Mick stating "didn't mix those and would've have done that" and other messages, which contradict what this post is stating. After of which id contacted Mick on the matter and ended with the confirmation that Mick would not be returning for the DLC that is currently in development.

There's a lot of mixed signals based on what Mick stated and what id is saying. With id saying they gave Mick complete creative control and plenty of time to complete the contract. As well as communicating with Mick about what was going on and the company trying to meet a deadline. Whereas Mick stated that the company was responsible for the mix provided in the CE edition.

It definitely sucks that Mick won't be returning for the DLC, as the OST for DOOM Eternal was outstanding. So much so that the musical score is paramount to the gameplay experience as it creates the right mood to keep gamers charged for ripping and tearing.

DOOM Eternal is now available for PS4, PC, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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