Asset Flip-Looking Game On Steam Adds Fifth Year Of Updates

Some releases in Steam are just taken unaltered and repackaged for profit on Valve's online store.

By Daavpuke, Posted 26 May 2020

Game clones are a problem on Steam and have been an issue for a while now. In particular, some releases are just taken unaltered and repackaged for profit on Valve's online store. Surprisingly, Nomad, a game that looks like such an asset flip, tries its best to polish the game, to show a distinct quality.

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The latest Nomad update, 0.998, adds a ton of new content to the blocky survival game that's still in the Early Access section of Steam. Vehicles are one of the additions, one standard spawn and one SUV meant for the premium members of this free-to-play release. Additionally, quests were added, in the form of one non-playable character (NPC) in the safe zone of the game. Players can also finally rebind their keys in-game now. It's funny to think how basic these updates are, particularly since Nomad has been on Steam since 2015, but that also makes it impressive that the developers are still trying to toil away at their project. There are so many more additions in this update, such as balancing, new enemies, new items and so on. Here's the full Nomad patch log.

One of the main criticisms Nomad gets is that the game is similar to many other titles. In particular, 2015 was the year UnitZ, an asset from the Unity game engine store, got put on Steam unaltered several times. While this pattern fits the timing window of Nomad, the survival game plays a bit more like Rust. However, user reviews are still comparing the game to Unturned, another free-to-play survival game that was first to market in this style. The new lighthouse feature is likely not going to change those thoughts, given the location is one of the first memorable buildings in Unturned.

Still, there's something noble about plugging away at your game for about five years, despite the obvious detriment you could hold against it. At least the effort put in is unique or, at least, more so, than the average Steam clone. A premium version of Nomad costs only €3.99.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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